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Katherine McIntosh

Create Your Life with Ease!


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Tips, Tools, and Topics to help you create your life with ease beyond what you ever thought was possible.

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Did you know that everything you say think and feel creates your future? What if you could change your mindset and think, feel, and dream your way into the future? Those little jokes you say, or sarcastic comments you make send waves... more

What if you could RECEIVE money for JUST BEING YOU??!! What if who you were was ENOUGH? The Business of Being You is about the energy of being rather than doing to generate the income you truly desire to have.

Have you ever spent hours, months, days, years trying to figure out in your brain how you could make somehting work? You went round and round and round and round and still couldn't change it, fix it, or create it......so you did nothing..... What... more

What happens when you don't function from this reality and you start functioning from what you know is possible? It truly is possible to create your life from ease when you get out of the wrongness of you!! This reality is designed to make us... more

Have you ever thought that your body was out to get you? Was it attacking you with stabbing pain, or unwanted pounds, or it wasn't metabolizing food the way you'd like? Has it broken down while you trying to exercise? If you have felt like... more

Create the Life You'd like to have by eliminating judgement from your repertoire. Come explore tips, tools, and possibilities available to you when you stop using judgement as a way to sabotage your life.