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My Shows will INCLUDE topics such as: issues of the day, current events, business, financal news, earning online and EVEN Sports

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This 15 minute commentary will EXPLAIN WHY Blue Shield of California, Taco Bell, the Los Angeles Lakers and Shaquille O'neill ALL collectively OWE ME $5 MILLION in civil damages due to pain and suffering THEY have caused me.... more

The USA is facing a budget problem of biblical proportions. The deficit seems almost IMPOSSIBLE to get fixed by ANY party. I have come up with some ideas that MIGHT help but personally I think the USA is toast. However, I also... more

OK. So President Obama has officially declared he is running for a 2nd term in 2012. Let me state first and formost that I am a Republican and a conservative one at that. Now I MUST say I am NOT happy with the Republican party and... more

Recently there was an incident between the fans of Ohio State and ESPN college football commentator Kirk Herbstriet. For whatever reason, the fans HARRASSED Mr Herbstriet to the point where it affected both himself AND his family so... more

In my short 15 minute commentary, I am going to discuss the IRRESPONSIBLE behavior of elected officials LEAVING their state rather than DOING THEIR JOBS!! In addition I will touch on the LOOMING NFL strike, which may or may... more

As a victim of HATE crimes myself, INCLUDING Cyber Bullying, I am going to do a short 15 minute commentary on this PROBLEM. I know this subject has been mentioned on mainstream media but I feel NOT NEARLY enough. I am an... more

There are MANY medical conditions that little are known about yet MANY suffer from. The focus on this 15 minute show will be on 2 conditions that NEED MORE exposure. MY goal is to help EDUCATE people on these 2 conditions. This is in... more

This developing story NEEDS attention because of possible ramifications a regime change in Egypt could mean to the USA, the Middle East and the ENTIRE world. This show will mainly be a commentary by me but ALL callers are welcome... more

MOLD and other HEALTH issues

  • by karlzshow
MOLD & HEALTH issues Hi ALL. My first show was on the ABOVE mentioned topic. It was a disaster and I plan on doing another show on mold in the future. I have some friends who are hearing impared so calling in is useless for them.... more

I was under the impression that our elected officials did NOT PAY into the Social Security sysetm like most Americans do. After some research, I found out I was a bit wrong. However I DID discover that our elected officials DO have a... more
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