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Life Beyond Measure


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Somewhere In Between The Pit of Fears & the Summit of Knowledge. Have you ever camped on any one of those places? There is a vast valley that separate these two places. Check out these 4 powerful messages as we expose the seat of your frustrations, the core of your fears. The answer is waiting for you answer the door!

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Pt 2 - "Between the Pit and the Summit" We opened this session from the message of January 1, 2013 "Your Imagination is LIKE the Twilight Zone." A 'ZONE' that is limitless. In the mid 1950's Rod Sterling created a series of... more

Imagination, what is it? Is MY imagination bad or good? Where did it come from? Is it my friend or is it my foe? These are questions that we will address. No doubt you are looking for answers like a woman in great travail whose time to deliver... more

The year 1959, Oct 2. A man named Rod Sterling emerges upon the stage of time, He creates a series of movies called "The Twilight Zone." He narrates with these words "there is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It... more

Don't you hate being lied to? You know how disgusting it feels when people just stand flat foot stare you in your eyes and willfully lie? As parents we try constantly to teach our children to be truthful even if it hurts or separates us from family,... more

Let me apologies, due to technical difficulties the last 30 mins of the show was interrupted. This session is a continuation of the show. But log back on and continue to listen to the last 25 mins of "Faith on Trial." In this 30 minute... more

Previously on Life Beyond Measure- Blog Talk Radio We presented the query : Why Am I A Repeat Offender? Why do I struggle with Trusting Him? Am I being judged by my attitude/disposition during the trial? Today, we're going to court!... more

During the wee hours of the morning of Monday, November 20th, I stepped out on my patio. The clock on the wall said it was one hour and thity minutes passed midnight. Already I had begun a new day. I immediately felt the cool but gentle... more

Why are you anxious? Why are you worried? Why are you full of fear? Simply because either you don't believe God or you are not guarding your soul [mind]. Your emotions are created specifically on what you THINK. Your decisions are... more

Do you wonder why you are depressed? What would you do if you knew that STRESS is causing both physical as well as mental pain. It's the culprit that causes your health to plummet headlong out of control. Have you ever felt the... more

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879, He died April 18, 1955, I was only 7 months old. He was one of the greatest scientist of our generation. It was Albert who gave us the formula "E=mc2." What does that mean? Simply, "that matter... more
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