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John Born of a woman ...No Greater

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Isaiah 40:3 "The voice of someone crying out: 'In the desert prepare the way for Yahsua! Make straight paths for him! Every valley must be filled in, every mountain and hill leveled off; the winding roads must be straightened and the rough ways made smooth. THEN ALL HUMANITY will see YHVH's deliverance!" Do you want to see YHVH's deliverance upon all mankind in your lifetime? If you do ...you've just saw a shutter flash of Yohanan's ministry! NOW you understand more than before what the Kingdom of God/heaven really is! The Kingdom of Yah aka God is the soveriegn reign upon the lives of every man, woman, boy or girl upon this earth! It is OUR responsibility to bring and establish this Kingdom right here on planet earth! So, get your head out the sky and your eyes back on earth. Imagine prophet Isaiah who never saw or met John, whose eyes never beheld this amazing specimen of a man. Isaiah who lived in the 6th century B.C. spoke boldly about this servant who lived in 3 century A.D. He declared John's ministry centuries in advance. The forerunner of the Savior of the world with a simple message "REPENT" which means RETURN to Yah's guidance and instructions, ie. TORAH! This forerunner's ministry lasted a mere 6 months, not years but months. His lifestyle, clothing, almost identical to Elijah! History states that when John was born his father laid upon his shoulders the very mantle of Elijah! This prophet's entry into the history books of scriptures departs this earth being whisk away in a flaming chariot of horses dropping his mantle in time only to be placed upon the shoulders of John.  Herod had imprisoned John because he hated him but was afraid to kill him because he feared the people who esteemed John as a prophet the mighty pen of Luke reveals what Y'shua had to say about his foreruner. Once you understand John and Elijah then you'll understand your assignment.