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You Are What You Think...

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Sometimes our thoughts sound like a scratched record, skipping thru the songs, other times it's like somebody hit the repeat button and it plays the same song over and over again. The same thoughts or words over and over again. Ever felt like that? Ever had a time you wished you could hit yourself upside the head and knock that thought right out of your mind? What's even more amazing is the fact that sometimes I don't realize it's in loop...repeating itself...over and over again! It has long been said and known "you are what you eat." Well, today I want you realize YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK!  Scripture states "For as he reckoneth in his nephesh [soul] so he is..."  Prov 23:7 OJB

One thing is for sure...IF YOU DON'T STOP IT...It won't stop! IF YOU don't use the power that our Father, the Creator of the Universe, the one whose image you walk in rise up and take authority of the activity of your mind you'll just keep going around and around on the merry go round. Guess what? No one can do this for you and no one will. YOU hold the power! Why? Because YaHoVaH is trying to get you to exercise the weak, listless muscle of your mind. Just like your physical body has to be warmed up before stretching or regularly exercised - your mind does too! Muscles have "memory."  Just like you have physical health that must be protected and nourished, you have emotional health that requires if not MORE attention. Your thoughts can cause biochemical alterations and give birth to cellular deterioration. Fear, anger, bitterness, isolation are emotions that directly affect the organs of our bodies. Anger affects the liver, Fear affects the Heart, sorrow affects the pancreas. And the list goes on and on. It's time for change! Just like Smokey the Bear use to say "ONLY YOU can prevent forest fires." ONLY YOU can change your life and start living FOR REAL.