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Between the Pit and the Summit

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Imagination, what is it? Is MY  imagination bad or good? Where did it come from? Is it my friend or is it my foe? 

These are questions that we will address. No doubt you are looking for answers like a woman in great travail whose time to deliver her child has come. Or perhaps you feel the pressure of life. the need of now coming upon you like a robber whose desperation is beyond comprehension. The 'THE FIERCE URGENCY of NOW' demands your undivided attention. On the last episode entitled "Your Imagination is LIKE the Twilight Zone" Rod Sterling said  "There is a 5th dimension beyond that which is known to man. It's a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. IT IS THE MIDDLE GROUND BETWEEN LIGHT AND SHADOW, BETWEEN SCIENCE AND SUPERSTITION AND IT LIES BETWEEN THE PIT OF MAN'S FEARS AND THE SUMMIT OF HIS KNOWLEDGE." 

THE PIT OF MY FEARS AND THE SUMMIT OF MY KNOWLEDGE. Everyday people live somewhere between the P.O.F. [Pit of Fears] and S.O.K [Summit of Knowledge]  The valley of indecisions and the mountains of derision. Pit is defined as: a hole, cavity in the ground; Summit defined as: top-most level attainable. When your imagination was left to raise itself like a child abandoned on the doorsteps of a stranger the world as you knew it changed! Your mind, emotions and will aided by the power called IMAGINATION  forced into catyclismic proportions a new world - what was normal suddenly became abnormal. The Bible is not a history book BUT a CHARTER OF OUR EXISTENCE HERE ON PLANET EARTH. Even our Creator was grieved because our imagination is only evil. If I don't learn how to control my imagination it is profoundly evident upon the pages of history and on the tv networks that MY IMAGINATION WILL CONTROL ME.