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A Mist in the Pulpit A Fog in the Pew

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Don't you hate being lied to? You know how disgusting it feels when people just stand flat foot stare you in your eyes and willfully lie? As parents we try constantly to teach our children to be truthful even if it hurts or separates us from family, friends or finances. Today the world and christians in America pretend that it on this 25th day of December  our Savior was born.  Every year they celebrate a facticious event that is driven by money, the world of commercialism. Trillon of dollars are used to produce commercials to sublimly drive you online or into stores to buy stuff that has been sitting on the shelves all year long. Each company particularly the toy industry is jockeying for a piece of your mind.  While this world PRETENDS to be happy singing the same ole songs called carols, greeting with salutations of lies such as "merry christmas." The church, their leaders and members sit idly by on the pews of tradition waiting to kick off the new year with another revival or book the hottest prophet/prophetess who can supposely encourage them to hold on - help is on the way! 

When are we going to face the truth? When are we going to toss away our fears of rejections and TELL THE PEOPLE WE'VE BEEN MISLED? As they say "whenever there's a mist in the pulpit there is a fog in the pew." In other words, because our leaders are blind to the Torah, laity is too. I gave up religion and set my attention on relationship with Father. I like the prodigal son became weary with filling my belly (spirit/heart), mind (thoughts) and will (decisions) with the husk that the swine eat and returned [Teshuvah] to Elohim's original instructions and guidance found in the 1st five books commonly known in Hebrew language as Torah or Greek tongue as Pentatutach. Until you get sick and tired of being sick and tired change will never come no matter how much you pray, speak in unknown tongues or fast from food.