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The Trial of My Faith

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Previously on Life Beyond Measure- Blog Talk Radio

We presented the query : Why Am I A Repeat Offender? Why do I struggle with Trusting Him? Am I being judged by my attitude/disposition during the trial? Today, we're going to court!

The  scene: A Court Room, the MELECH [KING] Judge, YaHoVaH aka God, presiding

The Case: The Financial Needs  to Live VS His Faithfulness and His ability to PROVIDE THEM i.e., My Trust In Him.

The witnesses: Every Unbeliever and every "believer"

The Jury: The Cloud of Witnesses, Abraham the Father of Faith and my friends, enemies and peers. 

The Trial of Faith? What is it? Is there a difference between TRUST and FAITH? Or have these words as usual mistakenly been interchanged and swapped. Could that be the reason all the preaching, teaching, prophecies and prayer is not working? I am personally weary with the "Word of Faith or the Faith Movement" that the church/leaders have claimed to be effective and anointed. I'm tired of just a FEW OF THEM "prospering" and living the good life while the rest of God's people struggle day by day being persuaded to bring another offering/ another SEED of Faith! Is all this really about a "harvest" OR is my Faith on Trial? Do I have the ability to WALK BY FAITH [Emunah]? Can I consistently do what He instructed or instructs me no matter what happens?

These are some of the few questions we bring to the table of life. We need to examine just what is going on?

Is your faith on trial? Has the jury been summoned and selected? I wonder what will be the FINAL VERDICT of today's episodes. Did you fail to believe His Word - thus His promises. Did you struggle for 1-5 mins of the trial or wallow in defeat the greater portion of this day?