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It's Time For Truth or Consequences

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Do you remember the game show TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES? Does the name Bob Barker ring a bell?  Where were you in 1940? Perhaps like myself you were still in eternity waiting for time to announce your arrival. This show was created by Ralph Edwards. On the show contestants received 2 seconds to answer a trivia question correctly. If the contestant did not answer in truth there would be consequences.TODAY the government and the television industries are playing the same game. This time Bob is not the host instead the pharmarcueitcal, Food and Drug and everybody else who trying to make $$ on you.

TRUTH or CONSEQUENCES. What is the TRUTH? What are the CONSEQUENCES? Biblically, THE TRUTH is YAHshuah, walking in knowledge and obedience to His Torah [guidance and instructions]  found in the 1st 5 books of the Bible. Observing the Laws of Kashrut [Dietary]. What are the Consequences, sickness, prematured death spiritually and  physically, poverty, chaos. Everything you see happening in our world today! The consequences have not only shortened but destroyed the quality of life. Man's spirit is like a hobo, wandering from pillar to post begging for a morsel of bread (life). BUT TODAY YOU CAN CHANGE. My special guest is Dr. Gary Tunsky, Founder of Precision Healing Technologies of Florida. I met Dr. Gary a few years ago and implemented his cleaning regimen. I lost 21 lbs in 21 days without exercise. IT WAS WONDERFUL. I've tried all kinds of diet plans, pills and methods but this was different. What if you could loose weight AND CLEANSE YOUR CELLS simultaneously! Health & Life! Yes, my friends. Dr. Gary released a powerful Cd "The Battle For Health is over pH" and "What in the Cell Is Going On? Over the next few sessions he will be my special guest. Make sure you listen with pen and paper in hand. Tell everybody it's time to play  "Truth or Consequences" once again!