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Bring My Soul Out of Prison That I Might Praise Thee YHVH

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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The human body is like a house or a mansion. Within reside both the anatomy and inanimate. I invite you to journey with me into the examination room of the soul called the IMAGINATION.  Ever wondered about what it is and how it works? It is a power so unnatural, invisible, intangible by the physical hands, yet every human being has it. It demands attention 24/7 and If left unattended can destroy not only you but everyone or thing on planet earth or better yet life as we know it. Everything, everyone whether it's a company or a person yearns to have access into your world through your imagination.  Television [tell- a- vision] depends on it, Hollywood demands it, you need it and FDA and the drug dealer daily battles for it. It's YOUR'S but for some reason EVERYBODY wants a piece of the action! The domination that flows through that gateway cannot be seen by the human eye but is real!  that  imagination that cause sales to increase or decrease. Without it toy companies can no longer persuade your children and the clothing industry can't entice you to wear their clothes. Stores would close, the newspapers and magazines would cease, churches would empty pew by pew. The Hebraic word 'chashab' means: think, devise, purpose, esteem, count, imagine, impute. Merriam Webster defined: the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the sense or never before wholly perceived in reality; a creative ability. In Unger's Bible Dictionary: the pictorial power & ability to reproduce/recombining the former thoughs and experiences. 

It's a reservoire where everything you've ever seen or heard from birth to now is stored. People speak words and we immediately see pictures. In 2 Cor 10:3-5 YHVH said, in order to regain the mastery one must capture every thought, pull down the stronghold and cast down imaginations. Listen to this powerful message and experience change!