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The Battle of The Ages - The Mind

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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Many years ago the late Walter Hawkins Choir recorded a song "There's A War Going On." The lyrics stated that this battle can't be won with bullets or guns for the enemy you can not see with human faculties. Some years later someone said, "Battle ONLY occurs when two forces want the same possesion." How very true for both of this prolific statements. Your mind, emotions and will power is constantly under seige by satan. His goal is to be "god of this world." How will he accomplish it? By usurping the power and authority that YaHoVaH gave to mankind through the simple act of thoughts. This world that we live in was created to be occupied and governed by human beings that were created in our Creator's image. The rules were simple, one must have a body to live, move, speak through. Since satan is a disembodied spirit and we are embodied spirits the math is easy. He doesn't have a body so he must acquire any body. The mind is the battle ground that this ageless war is waged day in and day out. It started in the Garden of Eden that was planted East of Eden. Satan M.O. (Method of Operation) beguile, intentionally deceive  the one with the womb, i.e., the mind. And so he went after the womb-man, Eve. If you are tired of being harrassed, oppressed or depressed. You want to end your sleepless nights or your fearful days. Tune in to this powerful program presented live every Monday evening at 5 p.m. central standard time. Or click on the archives and sit back and enjoy powerful insights designed to give you the long overdue authority to rule your life. The spiritual war-fare that is waged within man's mind is not restricted to age, size, color or religion. It's insensitive to religion, spiritual titles or licenses. This vile spirit is oblivious to finances, fame or prestige. It has one goal--you. If it can control you by controlling your thoughts the battle as far as it is concerned is won.