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Karen Rands

Karen Rands - Compassionate Capitalist


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Karen Rands, a true Venture Catalyst, shares her insights about Connecting Companies with Capital and Capital with Companies. This show engages the Early Stage Sophisticated Investor and Angel Investor Community and inspiring Entrepreneurs as a source for info of interest to both investors and entrepreneurs. Become a loyal listener and spread the word to business owners and investors you know! Karen as a presenter, author, and CEO has been involved in the early stage private equity space since 2001. When Karen speaks, people listen to what she has to say about creating wealth through entrepreneurship and private investment!

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Dara Albright is an industry leader and expert in crowdfinance movement. She has spearheaded initiatives to educate, inform, and create a community of collaborators with her renowned conferences and webinars. Dara is admired and respected by the some of the most prominent figures in the financial industry and legislature as she provides fertile environments for them to come together to understand the uniques challenges and tangible concerns of the prime stake holders within this new financial landscape- the investors and the entrepreneurs. She joins Karen Rands' Compassionate Capitalist radio show to share insights into the current state of the crowd finance industry and the terrific opporutnity that the new regulations provide for investors and entrepreneurs alike for Economic Democracy. Dara's FinFair and LendIt conferences are the 'must attend' events for industry insiders. We are in a unique time in American history. For the first time, investors and entrepreneurs are experiencing "Disintermdiation" - the attempt to do away with the intermediary entities between two primary market forces to eliminate the middle man. Tune in to learn about the unique opportunity and risk available to investors to gain access to this dynamic asset class - private equity and entrepreneurs to raise capital directly from qualified investors in the public marketplace through Reg D 506c and Reg A+. To learn more about Dara Albright and research this topic further, please visit http://daraalbright.com. Investors seeking knowledge about investing in early stage companies and entrepreneurs seeking guidance on creating a direct public offering, visit http://kugarandholdings.com
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Depending on your age and you field of work, it may have been many years since you heard the term "microeconomics". Whether you heard the term recently or not, doesn't matter because you live and breath microeconomics every... more

Karen Rands, Hosts the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show. Topics are relevant to investors and entrepreneurs that are passionate about bringing innovation to the market and creating wealth. At long last the Federal and State... more

Karen Rands, Hosts the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show. Topics are relevant to investors and entrepreneurs that are passionate about bringing innovation to the market and creating wealth. Similar to other investment... more
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