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Foods for Fertility

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When it comes to getting pregnant, the old adage "you are what you eat" rings true. "What you eat affects everything from your blood to your cells to your hormones," says Cynthia Stadd, a nutrition specialist at the Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness and Women's Health in New York City.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a nonprofit that promotes reproductive health, you should allow three months to a year for dietary changes to take root. But if you're already well into baby-making, don't fret – it's never too late. Read on for tips to get your diet into shape.


During this show we are going to discuss not only my personal journey for baby #2 and how committed you need to be to get your baby bump on.


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0:18 Kami Evans

Good morning, good morning! Thank you for listening in to Kami Evans Mind Management. And once again that's our beautiful music from Still Corners, Fireflies. It makes me happy to listen to it so I hope everyone else is enjoying it. Today's show is a very personal show. So I've got a huge response of emails and tweets, and messages from people and it's been the most active forwarded email that I've ever had shared with so many people, and many listeners are looking to gain some insight to how to increase their opportunities and chances for consuming the __01:11__ fertility and I have a lot of information to share and we have a wonderful interview with Dr. Siedman at the end. We are very much looking forward to sharing all this information and this is a very personal show for me a while because I want to share with you my experience and my husband's experience and then with our journey to our two beautiful girls. I mean it's wonderful to say now that we have two beautiful girls, but it wasn't as easy as we anticipated and we hoped it would have been. We did definitely appreciate every opportunity that we have with our beautiful girls and with each other by -- it was definitely a long journey. So I'd like to take you on that with us before I go into all this wonderful information that I'll be sharing with you.

2:14 Kami Evans

So in 2006, we were so fortunate to conceive our first daughter and -- but prior to that, we had a miscarriage and a lot of people were coming to us saying "Oh, that's the natural way of the body, cleansing itself before you conceive your first child." Not really what I needed here at the time for two reasons; one -- my heart was breaking as well as my husband and I had many people whose heart's break with me experienced a miscarriage. But number two, your hormones are all over the place so just thinking clearly thing is probably not as concise of you would hope it could be. So just when -- I feel the one piece of information I can give to those people that have been fortunate enough not to have experienced miscarriage and speaking to someone who has just experienced a miscarriage. The best thing to do is just to give a hug. I have a friend that gave me a card and all it said was hugs in it and that's all it needed to say. They just let me know that they were there for me. They didn't have any words to share because they did not experience what I experienced but they were just letting me know not to feel isolated and not to feel alone during this moment, and my husband and I not to feel so alone during this time. But we did get lucky and we did have our baby. We were able to get pregnant within about two to four months after that initial miscarriage and we have a beautiful little girl nine months later and we were in our mid 30's.

4:06 Kami Evans

So we were thinking "Okay, you know we're on our mid 30's what do we do -- we should expand our family after two years because I was getting into our mid to late 30's." That is easy then. So we started trying and we were able to conceive, however we were not able to keep all those pregnancies and we had quite a few miscarriages at between. The reason I'm sharing this information with you is not to -- it's not to get you feel bad for me or feel bad for anyone or to have any like empathy or sympathy, it's just to let you know it's a hard journey when you're conceiving and there are things that you can learn hopefully from this show and I'm hoping that maybe there's one person out there that's really, really, really is looking to conceive and not to give up because there's no need to give up. If you genuinely want to have a child, there are so many ways to have children and we'll go through that a little later, but I'm gonna continue with the story of going to baby number two. So baby number one was conceived in 2006. Baby number two was conceived in 2012. Yes, that was six years difference. So what happened in between all of that? Well, believe me or not, I wanna be very open and honest and vulnerable and sharing a lot of information on this episode. And I know there maybe -- there's some information to the show that maybe it's little __05:50__. Feel free to listen to it later and it will be on our Facebook page, Elahi Holistic. I will tweet this radio show we have and it will be on our website as well as the Blog Talk Radio website and it will always be downloaded on to the iTunes podcast.

6:13 Kami Evans

You can also be able to download the information and this again, I'm gonna try to give information to help. I'm sharing my view, my position, my history, my journey with my husband on this. So when we engulf in conceiving baby number two, we had multiple miscarriages. We had a total of 10, believe it or not. It's amazing that the body is able to function after that many. I know I am not the only person that has gone through that much trials and tribulations in conceiving. It was good news, believe it or not as all of these, defies the fact that we conceived and successfully had one child. It's that my body was able to conceive with my husband, however holding on and keeping the pregnancy was the challenge. So we really have to dig deep and understand what was it besides age that we need to consider and address and support. So I started doing things such as yoga as a lot of people know, a lot of my followers and listeners know. I am a certified yoga instructor and the reason I've been doing yoga was that my little one during classes, just as its engaging activity to do with her, but it also help me quite just __07:53__ like knowing my space, helping with blood flow, helping with my energy and my chakra which we'll go into it a little bit.

8:05 Kami Evans

But I thought it was very useful to incorporate that type of activity and I really genuinely believe if you are doing an activity 30 minutes a day, it doesn't need to be like Bikram yoga, it doesn't necessarily need to be something that's quite aggressive, but it's just a movement of your body to get the blood flow to your heart and get the oxygen flow in through your body, that's the important thing and that's why yoga was good for me. My husband, he's a runner, and that speaks to him and that's why that's important to him. I also think that yoga is a very complementary activity towards any type of additional sports. So you could do yoga to become more flexible and more aware of your surroundings and your space, for tennis, for golf, for soccer, for absolutely anything. So yoga for me was quite good during this journey between the two successful pregnancies and there are many yoga poses that are quite good for what is known as your sacral chakra and the sacral chakra is that part of your body between your navel and your coccyx bone, that part that has your bladder, your kidney, your hips, your large intestines, the ovary and the uterus that part of the body for women. So the poses that I would quite be engaged with are things such as like the deep lunge, chair pose, things that would definitely move my body into position and ground it but off of the floor to encourage energy through my sacral chakra. Now, the interesting thing -- and we're going to a little bit more about the sacral chakra.

10:04 Kami Evans

It's a lot of information that you already were aware that this gonna bring to your attention again. But it's very interesting the way that when you learn about being you kinda fix yourself "Oh, I kind of already knew that." And again a lot of this information will be on Facebook, on Twitter and if anyone has questions, please feel free to call in to our (855) 345-3795. Number is a toll-free number. We're welcoming all of you to call in and tweet and I've got a lot of questions already sent to me. So going on to our journey of baby number two, when we were going and conceiving the one thing that we did not lose was hope. That was actually one of the names I wanted to call our second child but my husband was very sweet, he was like "You know what, that's our journey, let her have her own name" which I totally appreciate and respect so we did name her Hope. But when we did have those multiple miscarriages which again like I shared was good news to us because it showed that we were able to conceive but the hard part was understanding why we could not keep it because every seven to eight weeks of the pregnancy something would happen and we would boost the child. There is multiple different types of one family had triplets and then it became something that is a molar pregnancy which was cancerous so then they had to -- need to terminate that right away. At one time it was ectopic pregnancy. So it was then said a consistent normal pregnancy that was dropping. It was just like "Wow, these are things are just all happening, very unusual times and giving us a bit of a challenge" but we didn't give up hope.

12:10 Kami Evans

Well obviously, we did not give up opportunity to have baby number two. But for me it's very important for me to understand because I was in my mid to late 30's to investigate why -- what are certain things that I need to do and these are things that I encourage people to do with their doctors. And also I encourage you to listen to your own internal instincts. There are opportunities for science and medicine to chair, what does the information that's out there, but our own gut instincts are quite valuable as well. So what I found out towards the later part of my 30's is that I had a thyroid challenge, I had hyperthyroidism. And then I was being with another woman that experienced the same situation as I did as far as multiple miscarriages between the two children, she say "No." Her thyroid, she gave me her doctor, she does her thyroid with still out of lack that she had to go on medication for that. And then you learn like certain foods you have to kind of avoid and to encourage the process of the pregnancy and you learn this along the way. Everybody is a bio-individual. As a holistic health coach, one thing I try to share as much as possible. Everyone is different. Everyone is a bioindividual. You will be able to ingest foods a different way than the person next to you, than your spouse, than your children like I shared before with the detox. In our last show with Sugar Blues and Fall into Wellness those two shows. The detox, it's important to clean your system and get certain metals and toxins out of your system but also it's very important for you to understand what possible allergies you have to certain foods.

14:14 Kami Evans

So when I was going through my journey of the thyroid and understanding that I was also learning about certain foods to clean eating and to avoid and it was very interesting. At that point, my husband and I came to the conclusion of we want to expand our family and there's a possibility that we are not going to expand it through our own conception of another child. So we decided to go down the route of adoption. Now, the most fascinating thing that I learn through investigating license to adopt is that there are quite frequently time when you make that decision to adopt the child , but the babies, like everybody would like a baby, there is a 50% chance that when you're adopting the baby in instance that that mother may do not do their right to the child, which is amazing that's -- 50% of the time you're going into it and it may not happen and if you're going on the international route there is a lot of understandings, you need to have between your own personal health and understanding the time you need to take to go to a country to understand what you need to do to bring a child home. I was once on a roundtable of possible candidates to adopt children from the tri-state area and there was a lovely lady sitting next to me and she was sharing with me -- she is sharing with the group how she wanted to adopt a child and she works. She was an executive, had a very busy position and she said "How much time do I need to take off to adopt a child?" And then later I said "Well, you know __16:10__ at least one to two months at home to make sure that that child also is comfortable and then decide what type of support system which is a very key to have when you're bringing this child home.

16:21 Kami Evans

And then she shared "Well, you know what I can't take off more than like a week and a half." So it made me kind of think to myself I think there's a lot of wonderful people out there that would like to conceive and for some reason on others they weren't able to conceive but they would like to adopt, but maybe that was a challenge too. So I just think that when you're looking to expand your family or bring a child into your life you have to realize that there are so many variables that you have never considered that you need to take into consideration, from your time, from your sleepless nights, from your relationship with your other family members, your spouse, your own parents, the cousins. There's a lot of things to take into consideration. So the beauty of having a child is magnificent but you also have to -- and it's worth every moments of it of whatever challenge coming to you like "Oh my god, this one's gonna get training and this one's gonna get to soccer practice" it's all worth it. But just remember this -- being that is totally dependent on you. So going back to understanding __17:39__ where we were conceiving between baby one and baby two, the thyroid was one of the challenges that I had and there's other things that people may have which is -- maybe some inflammation in their bodies, maybe they need to cut out certain foods, maybe there are things that they can do to incorporate activity, maybe there's weight gain. There's a lot of very lean women out there that are having a challenge of conceiving. Well you need to have some step on your body in order to keep the baby as well and to conceive the child.

18:14 Kami Evans

And then sort it out like -- like myself, I was a bit overweight and I had to lean down in order for the baby to conceive. The most interesting thing that happened was I was the exact same weight when I conceive both children. So I realize that once that I've had this weight the baby usually even such a successful pregnancy and that's just what I learn through our journey. But the clean eating like I shared with the Fall into Wellness Detox and the Daddy Detox and Sugar Blues, all those shows. It was so important to know what food you should avoid and I still can't believe, not for the mother it's also for the father and it takes two obviously. But you need to make sure that the clean eating is on both sides. I had one client letting me know that she was doing all the right things and it was still challenging and I shared with her that you really need to make sure that both of you are eating well. My husband is still having wine and having pizza but I'm making sure that I'm eating clean and clean juice so I was like "Yeah, a lot of the times it's the husband as well that's making you a challenge" but for some reason I think society kind of put a lot of the pressure on the women and their responsibility sometimes it's their -- you can't conceive. No, not necessarily. Two people that need to procreate and sometimes it's a combination of the two that need to make a successful pregnancy and a successful conception of the child.

20:06 Kami Evans

Now, I have got a couple of emails because I -- in my last email blog that they sent to us and if anybody is looking to get on the news letter. If anyone is looking to finding out more about the -- you know the information that I am showing now or to get some coaching, you can always go to our Facebook page which is Elahi Holistic. You can always email us to our Blog Talk Radio website, which is on right now. You could go to our Twitter, which is @elahiholistic or you go to our website elahi-holistic.com and all the __20:50__ as well as our radio website. It is very funny I could feel this is such a passionate and personal program radio show or it deal like -- you know a little bit congested a lot of times they say that when you are talking to certain people, when you are talking about their subject and you get a bit congested because it is a not like crying obviously not crying, obvious not yet. Then my husband told me do not cry in the show (laughs) but it is obviously something that means a lot to me and I am really genuinely hoping that I kind of shed some insight for so other people who are listening to the show and one I just cannot drill down enough to everyone. If it is in your heart to have a child, do not stop trying, just do not stop trying because -- I mean you hear all these amazing women in their mid late 40s and they are having successful pregnancies. They are different ways to have successful pregnancy.

22:02 Kami Evans

They are donor eggs. They are surrogate mom that will hold the baby. There are many reasons why? You know people can successfully conceive. This show I am going to share something healthy successfully conceived and maintained the pregnancy and then we will be talking to got assignment which is amazing Eastern doctor with over 24 years in Chinese medicines and herbs that he is going to share his insight as well. We want make sure to put all the website, all of his information and definitely, I will write down the calling number (885) 345-3795 to get some questions to him and go on to our chat for or tweet us because he has an incredible amount of success in helping families conceive and I know personally through my friends that they have had success with it as well. Now, I got a treat from -- actually a woman that has yet succeed and she was asking me more because of the emails about the sacral chakra and I share before that is from the navel to the coccyx bone that part of your body is the second chakra right about the root chakra and to share some information about that chakra that is the part of creativity that is the water, that is where the emotions are, that is where sexuality and relationship in movement and pleasure resides. The most interesting thing for me, now I know that I can conceive multiple times, but the majority of time that I would conceive and I have to focused on that you know pregnancy would during a time where out of extremely creative where I was doing something that I normally did not do that I genuinely wanted to do.

24:02 Kami Evans

And to unlock that chakra to let the flow of that chakra grow. I just -- would always find myself with what I starts become a Holistic health coach. I remember within a month or two, I was pregnant with our second child and then which is amazing that I went on this journey to do one thing and if you look at the parallels of it when you are starting something new -- when you are starting some of that you are excited about and your creativity is flowing, it opens up your chakra and opens up your heart and it opens up all possibilities and the parallel of starting something new and then conceiving -- it is always __24:45__ quite frequently. And I just felt that was the most interesting in to me in my conception especially with my successful pregnancy with my first child I was starting a brand new job, we were overseas in England and I was so excited because I finally got the job that I wanted. I was in an office. My business was growing, it was so exciting and then boom within two months, I was pregnant. I said "Could you believe that?" You know, I work -- and I think you know what I paid yet. I have no problem leaving that office behind, but it is quite interesting that -- you know the parallels happened and then also with a company called holistic health coach __25:33__ as well. So, just think to yourself when you are looking for ways to unblock you sacral chakra some core issues associated with that is that I would like to share right now is -- you know whoever is present in your environment right now, it is important to have the right people surrounding you at the right time.

26:02 Kami Evans

And then certain things can happen obviously and I am going to be repeating a lot of information that you may already know, but I am just going to bring it to the front of your brain and I am going to share again to hopefully encourage that. Some core issue associated with sacral chakras are the ability to commit your relationship, the ability to express yourself and emotions the ability to play and have fun to engage some pleasure and passion. The acceptance of uniqueness and diversifying the whole, attitudes towards men and women, attitudes towards sexuality, the implementation of creativity, the movement of emotions through their cycle that is a very, very important because those -- you know the more emotions -- we're always moving, were always being creative, but do not allow yourself, I think consequently we kind of do were simply us to do you know society still this is where I was told to go, this was where to do, what you are supposed to do and then your creativity may not be as fulfilled that you would like it to be. Feel free to take a step back look at that. Take a moment, meditate, go free to run, do your yoga, do whatever it is that speaks to you to allow that creativity to flow and then allow that chakras to become clean and healthier. I just thinks it is fascinating to me, because it does this seven chakras in our body. It is so important to have them always balanced and if one of them is a bit out of sick, then it is very tricky to kind of move forward, but it is also a great opportunity to reflect and think and also consider what am I doing right or can I be improving, where else can I be enriched, what else can I be doing and there are a lot of conscious that for people who have not ever going to yoga class.

28:11 Kami Evans

Some classes that I have known as we started yoga classes, they very gentle in other class, but gently all the classes, but very gentle on you that they help you become aware of certain poses and how to move your body. Those are the classes that I would -- however encourage people to take and honestly, if you genuinely are interested in conceiving or conceiving again, anybody would ever or may be people will ask you why you are in a prenatal yoga class, but I believe that there is an energy in those prenatal yoga classes. There is some __28:47__ going on around there, and a lot of the women who teach us prenatal yoga classes all are starting to getting pregnant again. Go and see what things are about before you are in a position to experience them, when you need to experience them. Because it may open up some creativity within you obviously. I get it, it is a challenge frequently when you are looking to conceive and there has no success to it -- you know if it is in your heart things will happen for a reason, things are very perfect for all. Give yourself an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy things that maybe you experience in the future. Go and give yourself a chance to go into that class and observe. Say I just want to observe and I am thinking about bringing a friend -- people do not need to know all of your information just go and try. That is my -- you know that is my __29:46__ for you. A lot of times people are asking me about certain ways to incorporate creativity and because we were taking about chakras in the foods.

30:02 Kami Evans

When you are with your partner cooking is extremely important. That creativity within cooking is still necessary to -- everyone to enjoy and to participate with one another. I got a tweet from Denise and she asked me you know what ways can I participate often times I crave certain foods and participate in making foods and crave certain foods that my partner does not like. Now that is quite interesting and I am going to post this on our Facebook page later. There is a book by Deanna M. Minich about the Chakra Foods for Optimal Health and I do refer to her book quite frequently and she has one page that talks about food cravings and what do the food craving symbolized. You know each food means different things depending on the individual however they are some basic messages applied by certain foods. So, when I was up send this question I felt quite interesting to show this one page that I really put to be market, so it will be tweeting it as well. The quality of the food and you need to ask yourself why you are craving this certain foods. Now, salty foods, you going to ask yourself where do you need more flow and openness in your life. So, when you are craving something salty, ask yourself that question. Crunchy food, what is causing you? What is __31:43__ and overwhelming? Sweet food which many of us is craving, this is quite frighten. Do you need more joy and fun in your life? Spicy foods, which I __31:57__ always see people who genuinely like spicy foods are quite lean.

32:02 Kami Evans

So do you crave intensity and living on the edge? Are you afraid of boredom? Are you bored? That is quite intriguing to me. Sour foods which in my culture being Persian, it is staple at every dinner table to have like really sour and pickled food and fermented foods which are good for you because this is quite interesting for me to learn. What do you need to draw attention to? Do you feel scattered about it that is quite interesting and then soft foods which are the foods that are soft foods going against the crunchy food. What do you need to think __32:41__ to feel comfort? What do you need to do for yourself to feel love __32:45__ and that is fascinating to me because that type of food that soft food is quite frequently comfort food. You think of any type of cakes, bread or sweets that a lot of us crave that we have got when we are younger and oh like our moms or a grandmother even our dad will cooks for us and may be even bake for us. These are a lot of foods that you crave to be loved and nurtured. So, what do you need to sink and to feel comfort? It just again, this is information that you know that I am just bringing to the front of the brain so that -- you know we were raising awareness to it. So, I have learned and I definitely post that onto our Facebook page. I will be tweeting it. It will be on our website as well. And also, you know I am a Holistic Health coach. If anybody ever had any questions, go to the website, email me and I am happy to help, guide you through your sessions and also help you along the way as your health coach. Today's show is more about you know foods and fertility and some of the foods that we are looking to become more familiar with to increase our fertility and relationship with creativity.

34:11 Kami Evans

With our sacral chakra, a food for balance and in our last shows talking about Sugar Blues and why we crave certain foods acidic foods that were linked to avoid more of that. A lot of us in society enjoys such as wine, cheese and white bread versus alkaline foods like asparagus and melons and certain nuts. I understand it is very challenging for many people who have nut allergies, but there are other alternatives. There are some foods that are high in essential fatty acids to balance the sacral chakra are dark oily fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna obviously. While is preferred organic is not __35:01__ entire amounts of omega3 fatty acids and __35:08__. If you are trying to increase the omega3 in the past couple of shows, I had been speaking about Mila that the wonderful Takae Miller which sharing with us. Mila is phenomenal it is -- has a lot of fiber it so it is not something to be taken -- you know aggressively, you can have it in every meal like her partner, her husband has, but it is filled with the omega3 and omega6 and it has a lot of fiber in it and it is quite good to take during pregnancy and as Takae shared, her son -- she was very open about it that her son was able to increase his __35:52__ in one month in few levels because of the concentration in the brain because it allows the blood flow and allow the system to function much better, so that being as to flax seed in meals.

36:08 Kami Evans

Flax seed is very good to incorporate into your daily diet. Leafy green vegetable like kale as in very, very good to incorporate into your diet and as well as walnut -- you know long time ago, someone shared with me that this quote that Einstein would known for saying that all the answers are nature -- you know and think about that when you are looking at nature if you think about certain foods for the sacral chakra in women, there are certain food that can encourage and promote fertility and those things -- but it is not they kind of look like the uterus or the female parts and it is quite interesting like the pair the eggplant, the avocado are very good to incorporate into the daily diet and those are things that each and always -- you know because they are adding to your diet. If you are looking to -- you know conceive and having successful pregnancy obviously -- you know some people are allergic to certain foods they cannot have it but I am just trying to give a broad understanding to share with people what they can enjoy on a daily basis. What I am sharing with you again is not just for the lady -- you know for women is also for the husband, for the partner, for the men out there to encourage in their daily diet. The sacral chakra is the color orange. So orange foods are very nutritious in nourishing for that chakra. Foods that you can go out and enjoy right away our foods such as avocado, blood oranges, cantaloupes, mandarin, mangoes, nectarine, I mean that is all delicious foods.

38:08 Kami Evans

You can also some normal regular oranges, papayas, passion fruit, peaches, persimmons and tangerine. My personal view is you can get it locally and seasonally how are we better but these are all great foods ingest -- you know remember the number nine, the number nine when you go to the store you want to get the organic number nine it is __38:32__as long as in the shelf life but even as soon as you bring it home remember you have to live for today but eat for tomorrow. So, fruits to that nourish the sacral chakra. Some vegetables, carrot orange bell pepper, pumpkin, yams those are great to have and especially for the husband with the men out there. You definitely incorporate that they had a study that they have been talking about how they saying like saturated fats and broccoli men who are having those in their diet is not good for them. It is diminished their sperm count. It is not good for the healthy sperm. So, definitely take that away from their diet but incorporate I think carrot is wonderful, brussel sprout and leafy green is wonderful as well. Broccoli is wonderful to incorporate into the men's diet. There are things __39:40__ I mean the best thing that __39:44__ carrot, oranges, bell peppers, pumpkins perfect seasonal they are here in the fall right now. Get have your pumpkins too, __39:54__ sweet potatoes. Great, I understand Thanksgiving is coming. It does not mean to go have a whole sweet potatoes pie or pumpkin pie go enjoy do not get me wrong. Enjoy your food. Balance it out with water. Balance it out with other veggies. Get some more alkaline foods in your systems when you are enjoying your sweet comfort foods.

40:11 Kami Evans

But always have that back in your mind just balance it out. Live for today eat for tomorrow. One __40:20__ information. And you know a lot of products like the oily fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna and obviously want get the one set or not the one that are more organic but you cannot. I have something else that I did when I was clean eating during my second pregnancy that was to incorporate something called chlorella and spirulina. These are things that -- you know if you have any questions, feel free to call me, feel free to email me on my website elahi-holistic.com or tweet @elahiholistic or go on our Facebook page and definitely you know continue the conversation with me I think that is help with the coaching of that. So, spirulina and chlorella are so wonderful for getting the metals out of your system in getting -- you know when were older we have more metals and toxins in our system and we need to clear them in order to make way and -- you know we work harder or in a much more active and you know lifestyle and sometimes it is hard to go through the detox, but it is important to do that like I shared before on the other shows, detoxing is good to do on a seasonal basis to clear your system out for this coming up season. Now why do we want to do that because one or two or things happens if you do not detox you cannot detox and I think that it one the __42:01__ bricks and I think that it why you know you catch your cold for a much longer than you know two to three or four days.

42:09 Kami Evans

You want to be able to clean your systems so that your gut is healthy your blood flow is healthy, your chakras are healthy. You want to have a healthy system. What you want to do is also make sure that you get the metals out, I'm getting some many __42:36__ at the same time but I am happy about I loved sharing all these information. But you want to make sure that when you are clearing your system what is going to happen is boom you are going to boost your adrenal gland. So, at that point between 2006 and 2012 my husband and I decided to go down that route adopting the child, adoption is wonderful and I am not saying that would never not because I do not know a part of me at my age 43 yes I did that at 43-yar-old. I have got pregnant at 41 __43:09__42 and now I have an 8-month-old here at 43. So, I am hoping that gives some people have to with some hope and a few other people out there to pray for me (laughs). So, I am not saying that were done as extending our family and we may adopted at some point you knows you know I believe __43:27__ if you want to make out loud have a plan and __43:36__ that is different culture. So, I believe that there are quite frequent times that we are --you know given opportunity to adopt the child to bring with a foster child. One of thing I do want to share is that there are times when people are looking to adopt and because infants are -- there are a lot of people looking for infants to raise. They are children who are a foster children that unfortunately are in the environment that it is not healthy for them and they are looking for beautiful home to live in and 50% of foster children are under 5-year-old I think that is a beautiful way to extend your family as well. And I love for people -- just to consider other ways to extend their family.

44:22 Kami Evans

Share a lot of information with regards to yoga classes, to the detox, to certain foods for both men and women and I am so excited because right now we are going to have this interview with one of the -- I know is one of the most helpful encouraging and well-known in the US and East Coast __44:46__ that is going to show with us his information on how to encourage fertility and this part is going to be a lot of insights that he is going to share. Remember this show is going to be online and they will be on podcast, it will be on our website elahi-holistic. It will be re-tweeted and we look forward to speaking with him right now. Good morning! How are you? Good morning! How are you?

45:21 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Yes! Hi, Kami how are you? Thanks for having me.

45:24 Kami Evans

Thank you so much. I know I gave you better a brief introduction right now but I love for you to just share with all of our listeners we have been going over some information to encourage __45:36__ foods, the sacral chakras with some yoga posses and detoxing but I know you are much more expert on this topic and I love for you to share.

45:50 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Well, we are specializing in a treatment of infertility with Hunyuan medicine which is our style of Chinese medicine and so I was listening to your show before I came on and which was very good by the way.

46:03 Kami Evans

Thank you.

46:04 Dr. Yaron Seidman

And I think that -- you know discussing infertility from our point of view is quite a big topic in two minutes. It is hard to exhaust it but I want to keep it relevant to the topic of your show which is food and eating and good food and healthy food and so forth. So, from that aspect which is actually very relevant, the way we see it in Hunyuan medicine, what causes one to be more fertile is when one has more recharging capabilities. So recharging capability just to explain it further, it means the body's abilities to take energy from nature be through food, or water or air or sleeping or other meditative practices or the sun. Whatever energy comes into the body is only half of the story. The other half of the story is the body's ability to take this energy and make it is own and so having good sources of energy is paramount, meaning food that is good versus food that is not good of course is very, very important, but the other side I mean the other half of the story is also the body's ability to take and incorporate it into the body or make it is own deep. In one word, we define as recharging capabilities.

47:30 Kami Evans


47:31 Dr. Yaron Seidman

And recharging capabilities for fertility is actually extremely important or if any one going through fertility treatment ever had their doctor tell them they have poor egg quality and such, it is actually at the core of this problem. What poor egg quality means. And so in Hunyuan medicine or our style of medicine, we research a lot the meaning of life. What it does not mean to be alive and again, it is very hard to exhaust the whole topic right now but in the word, it means our body's ability to recharge. So, yesterday for example, I was exhausted then I went to sleep and I ate throughout the day all kinds of good foods and today, I wake up not tired at all. It looks like I have life again as this life came back again and this recall recharging activities. Now the recharging activities are determined by a certain part of the body or a certain aspect of the body we called pivot, it is another.

48:31 Kami Evans


48:31 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Or recharging and this pivot is actually what goes with the egg and the sperm at time of conception to create an embryo. So, an embryo in order to be alive, it needs recharging capabilities. The same recharging capabilities that I need is a living adult but of course the embryo does not have the body yet meaning a baby body.

48:56 Kami Evans


48:57 Dr. Yaron Seidman

When you take the embryo and you put it outside of your body the embryo cannot survive because there is no place to put energy sources into the embryo meaning it has no mouth and intestine and stomach or anything. So you cannot put apple or breast milk or anything into it and that why it has to say inside the mother and rely on her recharging capabilities until that embryo develops a body and then the baby is born and it can exist on its own connecting to nature all the time. But the body itself, we need to understand is the vessels that helps us accomplish this recharging capabilities meaning harvesting energy from nature and making it my own and so what we recognize in Hunyuan medicine to increase fertility, on the one hand of course, we need to allow more optimal condition i.e. good resources of energy coming into the bodies versus bad sources of energy and the other is improve the body's own ability to recharge or incorporate it. Make it its own or in our language we called it increase the pivot.

50:02 Kami Evans


50:05 Dr. Yaron Seidman

So, __50:05__ I try to make a very long kind of theoretical discussion into a few minutes you know...

50:13 Kami Evans

Sure, sure.

50:14 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Minutes, but it is you know in a more plain English to say not just that we need to increase the quality of the sources of energy coming into the body, it will also need -- it have to increase the body's own ability to make it ours and this is what we develop in Hunyuan medicine, how to increase, which is complimenting to what -- to your recommendation. It is not different it is complimenting to it meaning get good sources of energy, but also find a way how to increase the body's own ability to recharge. So when you get the resources, they actually become part of you and I want to explain it just in one simple example if you for example look at the young kids, a 5-year-old kid or 10-year-old kids they can relatively little we called it three apples and the next day, they bounced and dance and run all day long as this energy is endless. When you compare to them to someone who is much old or lets say 70 or 80 or 90-year-old even if they now eat 50 apples, they still has very little energy tomorrow because the recharging capability has declined over the lifetime. So, this recharging capability is what we are mostly concerned with in the Hunyuan medicine, how to make this stronger or how to make the person as if they are not 40 as if they are 30.

51:46 Kami Evans


51:47 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Of course many people do that and saying this is anti-aging or this kind of language which we really do not use in Hunyuan medicine. We just want to try to make the person energy recharged better and this in turn help when the woman ovulates to fork out a better pivot to the egg or in plain modern medicine language, it would call the egg quality gets better.

52:16 Kami Evans

Uh-um. So, the egg quality even though lets say, a person has gone in to like a fertility doctor and they say you have poor egg quality, __52:23__ egg quality?

52:28 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Yeah, so unlike many other things in modern medicine when you get stamp with the diagnosis, it is irreversible. You just need drugs and that is your case that is the way you are, but we do not think that is the case. So, when someone is sick, any kind of sickness, they can get healthy. They do not have to stay sick like stand that they are sick. Likewise with poor egg quality, of course if they do not do anything and let's say they have abusive lifestyle, the poor egg quality will remain poor. It is not going to get good just for no reason.

53:01 Kami Evans


53:02 Dr. Yaron Seidman

But if they do anything and that includes changing the diet, changing the lifestyle or getting our kind of treatment that aims that target to improve the recharging capabilities, then the poor egg quality does become better or not poor anymore. So this definitely changes in our experience show us again and again and again with patients that were diagnosed "with poor egg quality" and then after a while the poor egg quality was not poor anymore and they get pregnant and have healthy baby. So, this is definitely irreversible, if you do the right thing. If you do not do the right thing as the patient, then of course it will not get pregnant just this you know.

53:46 Kami Evans

What was the -- if you do not mind, I do not know if you can share this I am just very keen. What was the oldest person who has conceived under your -- in your practice under your guidance.

54:00 Dr. Yaron Seidman


54:01 Kami Evans

47. Okay. Continue, everybody is talking about how they -- you know conceive if she had a baby and she is in her late 40s and Kelly Preston __54:10__ I think 46, so the society is living longer and it is becoming more -- I mean, I am 43 and I have an 8-month-old and I am just always very curious about like -- you know to possibly if we want to spend is that a possibility and also __54:31__ to consider you know if there is fertility __54:34__ or not that all but you know it can be more open to your alternative medicine in those sorts of things. Do you agree or?

54:45 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Yeah, definite but you know there is a mixture of fact here I mean age certain is a factor as I explained before the more you age, the more of the recharging capabilities declined, so this is a natural process, but of course you had people who are 50 and are much healthier than people who are 30.

55:05 Kami Evans


55:06 Dr. Yaron Seidman

The age per se is not the only factor for us. The age means how many years you have to go not how many years you have lived already.

55:17 Kami Evans

Love it.

55:18 Dr. Yaron Seidman

But this is of course hard to assess, but we say when the recharging instrument is stronger, then you have many more years to live and that means you are younger regardless if you are 40 or 45 or 37.

55:31 Kami Evans

I love that __55:33__ I am negative whatever I think I am (laughters).

55:36 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Right. So, in the modern approach, it only depends on how many years you lived already, so if you live 42 you are 42, but it is completely not through because some people are 42 and they are full vigor, and they going to live to be 120. Other people are 40, you only going to live to be 65 and that means they are much older even though the age is the same 42.

56:00 Kami Evans

That is amazing.

56:01 Dr. Yaron Seidman

So, this is our approach to age and that is why we always think that you can always get better because if you look at the years that you lived already 42, there is nothing to change. There is nothing you can do about it. 42 has gone already.

56:16 Kami Evans


56:17 Dr. Yaron Seidman

But what is remaining is actually changeable, meaning it can be longer or shorter and for us this is the most important thing and this includes fertility of course because the more years you have, it means the more vitality you have now and by default, more fertility. So, this is why we try to get the patient as healthy as possible and this was also give her more life. It gives her more fertility right here and now because there is more vitality.

56:46 Kami Evans

Well, I think that a lot of our listeners and followers are going to be wanting your information and I will put that on our website so I hope that you have recharged your batteries on us and recharge yourself because -- I mean I know you are quite busy person to begin with and I know you do take clients over Skype than on the phone and you helped that way as well?

57:09 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Yeah. We do have patients from all over the world and not just in the United States and we do it online with video conferencing. Not more Skype, Skype is kind of primitive. We have our own video lists but we do it online.

57:21 Kami Evans

I love that. I love that. I think (crosstalk) Go ahead please.

57:25 Dr. Yaron Seidman

You know they can go to our website which is hunyuan.org and there is also Hunyuan fertility book. They can buy on Amazon on our website, so there is some more information they can find out before calling us.

57:38 Kami Evans

I am going to make sure to send out other email with all of your information. I will post it on our Facebook, our Twitter and our website because we have a lot of our listeners the email sent out for this show has the most forwarded emails that I ever had before. So, this is a very sensitive topic that people want information for, but they do know exactly how they go about asking. So, I will make sure that to share all of your information and encourage people to contact you because you are just such a amazing resource for those who are looking to expand that to start a family. So, I think you...

58:19 Dr. Yaron Seidman

But if I had just few more second, if I can I just want to tell everyone.

58:21 Kami Evans


58:22 Dr. Yaron Seidman

That they should not let anybody put them down not the Western Clinics, not the doctors, not discourage them to believe that they can do it. There is definitely other option that they should look into at before giving hope -- you know less the medicine style, this is my recommendation in general.

58:40 Kami Evans

No, I think that is wonderful because it is all about getting people options and hope and I definitely think that you would be a resource for so many people. So we would sure that information. So, thank you so much again I know it is early __58:55__ (crosstalk).

58:58 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Thanks for your good work.

59:00 Kami Evans

Well, thank you so much. Take good care.

59:03 Dr. Yaron Seidman

Thank you too bye, bye.

59:08 Kami Evans

This definitely was packed of show. We have a lot of information that is going to go on the Facebook, the Twitter, our elahi-holistic website. I will be emailing if anybody have questions feel free to contact us. The Elahi Holistic number is (800)-584-7940 or just email or tweet us and we are here to help. So, thank you all these information will be online within the day and I am just hoping that we gave the people help that is all we really what looking to do in sharing. So, enjoy the rest of the __59:44__ today and we will speak on them very soon. See you next week. Do not forget November 5. We are going to focus on the community bullying and I apologize for cutting that __1:00:04__ quickly, but I definitely want to share that information on November 5 which is Tuesday party. We have amazing people showing that for that show. But again, thank you for listening to Mind Management with Kami Evans and I am sure everybody will be continuing the conversation. Thank you.