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Sugar Blues

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Kami Evans Mind Management

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Do you constantly crave sweets and are not sure why?

Are you tired of always being tired and having low energy?

Do you want to gain control over your cravings and not deprive yourself?


If you are like most people, you may have some issues with sugar. You crave sugary snacks to give you energy or satisfy that sweet tooth, but you end up more tired after. You also notice that you may not be at your ideal weight, you have poor sleep, or other health concerns like dull skin, headaches, or feeling stressed.


Well, not to worry. As a Health Coach, I support people just like you to reach their health goals, increase their energy, and feel great in their body. This show will permanently change your relationship to sugar.

You’ll learn:

  • The top ways sugar is negatively affecting your health and happiness
  • Tips to eat foods you enjoy and not deprive yourself
  • How your lifestyle affects your cravings

If you are ready to have more energy, fewer cravings, and take back control of your life, then you don’t want to miss this one-time-only event.


0:20 Kami Evans

Good morning. Good morning. This is Kami Evans on October 27th, beautiful Sunday morning on Mind Management Radio. First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been so kind from the last show, Daddy Detox, which you can always download on iTunes. You can always look at our Blog Talk Radio website and on Facebook link. On Elahi Holistic to listen to it. You've got such a great feedback from that and we have gotten so many nights to catch on Hogan Hilling with his books pacifier and rattles which are two great books for every new parents, and we got a beautiful big bag of MILA from Take Miller as well which is wonderful and I already have it in my morning shape this morning so I am looking forward to enjoying that so, thank you so much to both Hogan Hilling and Take this morning. Today's conversation is one of my favorites. It is about the sugar blues and I think it's a perfect timing considering we have Halloween coming up and as a holistic health coach and as a parent, it's kind of tricky when you have a six-year-old who kind of likes the sweets and I also have a sweet tooth, but what other alternatives there are out there and I really feel there are so many other options to try and to know about and to learn about and the kids get some much goodies and candies packed with refined sugars. I was trying to think what we can offer.

2:06 Kami Evans

So I kind of had to think of what are some organic lollipops with Agave in it that may not be filled with the sugar with being so addictive for the kiddles. So what we are gonna offering at our house so we will have a little bit of sweets but also we have some good nutrition and Agave in it so the kiddies will have something to enjoy for the whole night. I have an eight-month-old so she is not getting yet anything sweet except for maybe a little bit of milk and rice and that's it. So today what I am looking to do is to change your relationship with sugar. Why do I want to do that? Well, I've got 20 reasons right now that are so important for you to really think about changing your relationship with sugar. So first reason, what can sugar do -- what are the reasons why you should take sugar out of your daily diet. Number one, sugar can suppress your immune system. It interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium in your system which you need. Sugar can weaken your eyesight, I know as we get older it's not as good for us, but hey why don't we prevent it as much as possible with our eyesight. Sugar can cause hyperglycemia. Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenal levels in children especially I mean come on when you give a kid some sweets and then you are like, why he's so hyper? What do you think? It's what it's going to do. Obviously, sugar contributes to obesity. Sugar can, you know, it is an inflammatory food it causes arthritis as well. Sugar can cause heart disease.

3:59 Kami Evans

It can contribute to osteoporosis. I don't know how do you know that. Obviously, it increases your cholesterol levels. Sugar can lead to both prostate cancer and ovarian cancer which we're going to get into a little bit later with regards to alkaline foods. Sugar can contribute obviously to diabetes. It can cause cardiovascular disease. Sugar can make your skin age and changing the structure of the collagen. It can produce significant rise in triglycerides in your system. Sugar can increase the body's fluid retention, remember that. We'll go and touch base on that with our water consumption. Sugar can cause headaches including migraines. A lot of people think, oh if I don't have sugar, I am going to get a headache. Yeah that's going to be for a minute, but it is actually a trigger as well. Sugars can spike your blood but also it causes depression after you go to your crush and so it can contribute to Alzheimer's disease and lessening your sugar can save lives because you want to, having dealt with intensive carrier so why I am sure that you are trying to take sugar out of your diet. A lot of these reasons were taken from why sugar is ruining your health by Nancy Appleton and I want to definitely make sure that she is noted for this. Now, I was given an amazing article on the vicious cycle of sugar and let's look at these five steps. When you eat sugar, this includes everything from simple carbs, refined sugars, corn syrup, soft drinks, some cereals, condiments, I mean it's everywhere. First thing you eat it. then number two boom! Your blood sugar spikes up. So you're feeling this is great, I have more energy, you know the dopamine is released in the brain, glucose is in your blood and you have an instant spike, so you are thinking to yourself.

6:00 Kami Evans

Oh, I got my energy, I got my five-hour energy or whatever they says which is not good for you. Then, insulin secretion, your pancreas attempts to regulate and reduce the blood sugar, by dumping insulin into your blood and then -- or what happens, the crash. Blood sugar levels fall massively your insulin levels are high and by goes into fast storage mode and then you are feeling really sluggish like, what did I do that. Yeah, like a long night out. And then lasting step five, hunger and cravings. You have low blood sugar, plus high levels and insulin, increased appetite and cravings what you what to do you want to go and to have that little sweet, you have to have that little cookie. So what you are trying to do is find ways to not crave those sugars. As we all know, the physical effects of sugar are fatigue, restless sleep, aches and pains, inflammation, I cannot stress that enough. The headaches, weight gain, allergy symptoms, abdominal fat, hair loss, metabolic syndrome. Your emotional and mental effects of sugar are, what I stated before, the depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, mood swings, trouble concentrating, ADHD and personality changes. A lot of times we want that sweet. Now, I think it is good to want something to crave something, but I think what we need to educate ourselves on and what are the options. One thing I want everybody that's listening to know about, if you could always go on the chat board. You could tweet us at elahiholistic. You can go to the Facebook page and post questions. We will be reading from those all morning as well.

8:01 Kami Evans

And you can always call in on our toll free number 1855-345-3795, again that's 1855-345-3795. That number is always the same and it is always posted on our Blog Talk Radio website which you can click onto and listen to the show as well. One of the things we are looking to do is to engage the community on health and wellness and as I shared before we are going to have a giveaway of Kathy Griffin tickets for our special show on November 5, Community Matters. We will get into that a little later, but I want you to definitely listen in especially all of those Kathy Griffin fans which I know I am a huge fan of hers because I love what she stands for. Now what I was sharing before about the physical effects of sugar. A lot of people know what Candida is, but there are quite a few people who are not familiar with what Candida is. Myself, I did not know what Candida was until a few years ago. When we moved out _09:17_ and I moved from Manhattan, a person walking around so much and when you are walking around you are moving your body, your digestive system is more keen in one way that is much more active. When you are going into a community where you are driving more, you are not as active because you are in the car, you are driving _09:40_ where in Manhattan you were like, whatever city you are running around to the shop going up and down the steps and if you are going to the subway if you are with your kiddies. You are pushing the stroller, you are much more active, but what happened to me personally, was I stopped all that movement of my body and even though I am going to yoga class and going to the gym or the way I was walking those like hours three to five miles a day that I was used to.

10:11 Kami Evans

So I got what it's called Candida and basically what Candida is, it is yeast growing in your digestive tract, in your intestines and so what happens is when you are craving simple carbs like white foods, toasted bread, rice and all kinds of sugar which could be yeast in your system, it develops until it's growing in your guts and sometimes you know you're taking antibiotics _10:39_ it will grow as well and the next thing you know you think you got like a little bit of a food when you punch to the stomach and you get some cramps going on and you're feeling very fatigued and tired and basically it is growing in your guts and you're exhausted from it and so waiting to point it out. One thing to do obviously if feeling sluggish is cut the sugar out. I am not saying stop all sugars -- I am sorry stop all sweets. Stop sugars definitely. I am not saying stop having sweets, but what are those alternatives and we have so many things to think about that we may have. I know a lot of people feel, well I am not -- well I hear that you should not have any sugars and you should have fruits and you should have other types of sweeteners obviously. I am not a fan of artificial sweeteners. I do not think -- anything that is made in a plant could be that healthy for you, but if made from a plant why not? But then again we are all bio individuals and what works for me, I am gluten-free, I am dairy-free, I am sugar-free, fat may be really challenging for someone else to embrace and to try.

12:10 Kami Evans

Me I have to do it because it does not agree with my system, but other people, they can handle it, they can have a dairy in their system and they tribe and they don't get poorly from that. Some of the alternatives to having sugar are Agave. Agave, it is wonderful. You could find it at your local supermarket. I am a huge fan of organic foods. I take even organic Agav. It is better for you, but get Agave in your system I think if you are doing that, that's a wonderful thing to do. Another alternative for sugar is having things that are sweetened with dates. Have you ever thought of that? Sweetening foods and recipes with dates. Get your food processor out, get your vitamix get your neutrophil left which I love and just like, blend the dates and do it and use that. Coconut, a lot of people enjoy taste of coconut that is extremely sweet and that is another alternative to a sugar and other people like that stevia plant and truvia that's another alternative you can have. A lot -- when you are trying these, certain things are going to taste different. Some of them like the truvia and stevia it can be quite strong so don't use as much. Feel like oh well a teaspoon of that is quite strong then use half a teaspoon. You don't have to use as much. Gently bring it in and try the high breed of, do you have a little bit Agave with a little bit of _13:50_, that combination works for you. You will be quite surprised at how, when you are having it will be very pleasing to your palate and you would not be craving it up or asking me, you know, I just sit at the end of the day, I want something sweet.

14:12 Kami Evans

Why don't you think of something, whenever you are planning out your week, your day you have your schedule you have your calendar and you are definitely thinking of like, okay I have from this appointment to that appointment I have to pick up my child. I have to go to the grocery store, I have to make sure that if there is an electrician or whatever coming to my house what can do to schedule that. I want to start also having the mindset of when you are planning for your days, plan for your meals as well in the way that you are planning to eat for tomorrow. My husband and I walked the other day and I am like, always have to be in the present but I think a lot of times when we are thinking about living in the present being in the moment, being in the present. Sometimes you have to eat for tomorrow, so our plan, that we were thinking about sharing what live for today, but eat for tomorrow, so if you are starting a new diet regimen you try to incorporate different types of foods into your daily diet. Think about it you are living through that moments of today, but incorporate those foods that are compatible with tomorrow. What do I mean by that? A lot of times at the end of your day you are feeling like your fading a little, what type of foods, don't think that okay this is going to pick me up at this moment, think okay, what I may going to eat at this moment that is going to help me for tomorrow and you are just talking about _15:54_ doing. I think it is fascinating. All the runners are eating the carbs, the night before they are going to burn them off on the next day.

16:03 Kami Evans

If they are doing their marathon, their 5k or 10k it doesn't matter, but they are ingesting all the proper foods that they need for today in order to be successful for tomorrow. So just keep that in the back of your mind. One thing that I want to share with you is also foods that have a lot of acid in them. A lot of times _16:31_ what do you mean the alkaline in food and acidic foods. It gets a bit overwhelming, you know like what I may going to have a piece of tail and a little bit of sunflower oil on it and then don't eat anything else. You know I don't what you to do that, that's starving, but the funny thing about it is people feel you should not have to do. If you're _16:50_ sugar you got to cut everything else. You don't need to cut everything out you have to crowd certain foods out. Do you understand what I mean by that crowding certain foods out, it means incorporating a lot of food into your diet so that you're not craving those other foods and those get push to the family gets crowded out. So when we're looking at acidic foods I want you to think about, there is four foods I'm going to tell you about that are strongly acidic, foods that are mildly acidic, four foods that have mild alkaline levels and four foods that have strong alkaline levels. So this is the part of the show where I kind of encourage you so get pencil or pen paper or get out use your iPhone _17:42_ and because these are just broad strokes in these four areas and these four foods within these four areas. So strongly acidic foods that will help encourage a Candida which we don't want in our system no way, no Candida is not good for us.

18:03 Kami Evans

So strong acidic fruits that we have to be extremely mindful of not to have, I know I'm going to lose a lot of listeners right now, but hang in there with me I'm trying to help you to change your relationship with food and especially sugar. Strong acidic foods, white bread failed, filled with acids. Alcohol wine, enjoy it every now and then, but daily thing not good for your guts. Remember 70% to 80% of our immune system is in our guts so when you go down through the _18:45_ because you put many acidic foods in your system. I'm not saying you are never going to have the flu or get a cold, but you want to boost your immune systems so that you don't have a two-week flu or you know have that like three to four-day colds, two things to prevent it remember 70% to 80% of your immune system is in your guts, okay. The other two foods sodas, sodas honestly I don't get it. I think if you want a bubbly water go get a _19:26_ get a fizzy drink that does not have sugar in it or get a self-sure and put a little bit of lemon into that if you like those bubbles. Especially, I know a lot of people that enjoy drinking beer _19:41_, but also like the bubbles you know down the throat and the palate go get a self sure have something else you know a sparkling water have that instead squeeze a little lemon or lime into it enjoy it that way some people even cut up certain foods into it to give it some flavor

20:03 Kami Evans

Try that and also like any type of refined sugars strong, acidic levels in that. Mild acidic levels are your meat and fish, are your _20:17_ I know my husband is going to love this the way I am pronouncing things he tells me because I was born in Queens. I speak Queens' English and he speaks the Queens' English, our nuts, nuts are very good for you and, I'm sorry nuts have mild acids. That was a very interesting thing that people are having more and more allergies to nuts. Nowadays in my kids' school they have the nuts, the peanut-free within those legumes and tree in a table so even though a peanut is not a tree nut they just don't want them at certain tables in the lunch room, which is quite interesting to me. I am always curious about what are they doing nowadays that are making these foods. So sensitive into our kid's systems and another mild acidic food is dairy. Now again, I eat dairy, I try to do the lactose-free milk whenever I can, but dairy I just try to keep away from. One piece of information I'd like to share with you is that often cows who are being milked are pregnant so 75% of the dairy milk you're getting are from pregnant cows so just think of those hormone levels that are rolling in to your dairy. Even organic milk is going to have that it is from pregnant cows and this is just something so you just be aware of it educate yourself on when you are feeding it to your kids

22:07 Kami Evans

And there are alternatives to milk and let's say what I may gonna put in my cereal for my kids. There is almond milk, there is coconut milk, there is hemp milk. There are so many other alternatives, it is just recognizing that there are options that you are choosing and then think what are those alternatives. I'm not saying go out there right now and get it and it's going to taste horrible, all the milk is quite tasty. A lot of people make it at their own homes. The protein level, believe it or not, is very similar with almond milk. Sometime almond milk has little bit less protein but there are so many other ways to incorporate protein into your child's diet as well. So when we first talk about strong acidic foods which have a pH level before and now we're going to the __22:57__ foods which are almost _23:01_ and then mild alkaline foods which is about page 7 to page 10. I'm going through the pages and explain that a little for those that maybe is not as familiar with those. So mild alkaline fruits. Yes, fruits will breakdown into sugars in our system, but it's natural. It's not going to be refined. It's much better for your system. One of my clients had seen me the other day you know, I have both issues of the fruits, it's not good for you. No, fruits have lots of nutrients in the fruits. There's lots of vitamins in fruits, but the time of the day I would encourage you to have fruits it is the time of the day where you are feeling you want a sugar cream in it, have your fruits, go have a banana go have a fruit salad go enjoy something like that that will help with getting your energy levels up.

23:59 Kami Evans

One thing that a lot of people do as well is still have a cup of coffee to get them to the day and I have got them 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. What coffee is doing is bringing blood flow to the heart. Another thing that can bring blood flow to the heart is water. Yes, I know water is the miracle drink, but water is amazing. It helps generate the blood flow to get back into your heart so why something sweet or something to pick you up or something -- you might just be dehydrated. Incorporate water into your daily routine and trust me I know all of you guys know this already. This is not something that is off to being passed in your thinking, yeah I know I get a lot of friends and clients they will tell me "oh, yeah, I know I have to drink more water," well then and drink it, go get it. Go get yourself a glass of water put it by your desk -- you know room temperature is much nicer on your system than really cold or very warm hot water like a hot tea or something, but I want you to always think to yourself the equation. Again, get your pencil and paper out, get your iPhone now, whatever you're going to record information with. The amount of water that you are going to intake on a daily basis is the number of how much you weigh divided by two whatever that number is in ounces is what you want to have to take the water on a daily basis.

25:48 Kami Evans

Do you understand? So if you are 100 pounds divided by two is 50 you want 50 ounces of water per day to fill of water. That's too much water, but then I don't want you just to get water __26:02__ water this helps crowd out those cravings. You wanted to drink as much water as possible. Filtered water obviously is much better. Get yourself a little filter for your house, maybe you have a filter in your refrigerator make sure to change that. You got to keep up with these things -- you know it's your health that your gut going back to 70% to 80% of your immune system is in your gut. You want to make sure that is a healthy gut. You don't want candy to growing that ease in your gut you don't want that in your system. You want to feel like -- I want you to always think in the back of your mind what was the best day I felt like "Oh, I felt the best when I was 20, 30, 40, and 50" I don't care, whatever that age as I felt best when I was 50 and I felt the best when I was 55 it doesn't matter. What was that mom __26:57__ the best and emulate that, think about that, you deserve to feel that good every single day. Now, we're going to go on with some other mild alkaline fruits. So, fruits. Have your fruits in the later afternoon, vegetable, incorporate that throughout your day. You know a lot of people are thinking "Oh, I can't stand smoothies with veggies in the middle of morning," you know what it's a bad heart for you that put a little bit of __27:28__ into it and enjoy it that way. Just a little bit, just to sweeten up for you. Because a smoothie with veggies is basically called soup, you think about it. You like soup, don't you? So, if you're having a soup, have a smoothie with some vegetables in it.

27:48 Kami Evans

Avocados, I love avocados, it's so good for you. There are so many reason as we all know it's good for your skin, good for your hair, good for your digestive tract, it's good for your immune system and almonds. Again, with the nuts I know it's very tricky for some people who has nut allergies but a handful of almonds -- you know between two and four o'clock that help you're craving as well. Just try it every now and then just try it. I'm going to this say, I know it might be quite obvious but I just feel really like that less than 1% out there that may not take it. Don't get the salted almond these are flavored, get the brown almonds. That's better for you, salted almonds kind of diffuse the purpose, okay? Handful raw almonds good for your diet, thank you. Now, going towards the pH level of 10, strong alkaline foods, asparagus, it's so good for your system. Cayenne pepper, I know personally I don't like very spicy food. My husband loves spicy food. He loves this that -- he could have the spiciest of food enjoys it jalapenos everything he loves it. And me I'm like "how you can taste -- what is that?" I'm now getting into things like wasabi crackers and I do like that that little bite it gives back to you. If you ever notice, I would like for you guys __29:23__ around with your friends. The majority of people that I know who like quite really spicy foods and can live on spicy food on a daily basis they are quite thin and they are quite slim, and the reason for that is spicy foods it energizes your digestive tract, it wakes it up and makes things flow through much faster than like a sweet -- you know a strong acidic white bread, alcohol -- you know and cheese those types of diet.

29:53 Kami Evans

You know the person who like the -- you know the cayenne pepper, it's good for your system. A lot of people always asked me, "What do you think of the lemon water with the cayenne pepper and ginger in the morning?" Listen, it's gonna wake up your system. I say do that but not in place of your water intake. You got to have your daily intake of water as well and it might be daunting in the beginning to incorporate a lot of water into your daily diet, but gradually bring back into your diet. You need that. Another thing that's really quite good for you are melons. I'm a huge fan of incorporating seasonal fruits into your diet and local fruits into your diet. Why? Because they also grown locally for a reason because our environment requires us to have this certain foods in our system at a certain time of year because for our immune system it's good for us. We, naturally and locally, we crave this but sometimes you know in summer we want pineapple.

31:06 Kami Evans

We may not live in a wise or places that are growing the pineapple quickly from your little __31:13__ and plants in certain areas but it reminds of the certain temperature climate and we look at type of fruits but certain melons at certain time of the year are very, very good for you. And kelp not just in for shampoos having kelp in your diet is good. Now, one thing I would like to share is that those people who are on a low vitamin K or are requested for their diet because of whatever reason whether it is thyroid, whether they are getting some sort of regimen or it maybe they are going to chemo that are encouraged to not have a leafy green higher vitamin K diet. So like kelp will probably be not good to have; however, incorporating water having -- you know lettuce __32:14__ good celery very good for you, filtered water very good for your system. So, I keep on talking about the pH level and some people are familiar with what the pH -- what is that mean? What is pH means? That's what -- the abbreviated for pH is potential hydrogen. Now, everything has a pH of __32:38__ which 0. Neutral probably want to be 7 __32:42__ 7.2 and very alkaline which is a 14. What you want to do is to make sure that your pH level from your saliva glands all the way down to your -- you know to your large intestine are anywhere from -- you know around of 7 sometimes when it goes into our lower stomach our pH level will go down between 1.5 to a 4 but it's going to our system it's working its way to our system.

33:12 Kami Evans

What we wanna do when we're thinking about pH levels and acidic foods is that the strongest food are going to be at the zero level and some alkaline foods are going to be at the 10 level. So, you want to incorporate the foods that are right in the middle but also when you -- if you're gonna go out for a drink with friends, but I encouraged have asparagus -- you know in your meal that night. I'm not saying don't have things that that you enjoy I'm just saying -- you know live for today but eat for tomorrow. Make sure that whatever you're ingesting is not going to hurt your system and you know make your guts suffer during the -- you know evening and then digestive tract during the night over to the next stay. So, definitely I said before live for today but eat for tomorrow. So, you're going out for drinks have your wine, but you know asparagus is available I encouraged to not to put a butter on it. You know, olive oil or roast it perfectly well to have that or you know kick up a little on spicy foods into your diet or you know instead of having the desert plate on -- you know have some fresh fruit. I know that when my client was really, really quite disciplined with her eating and she showed with me that every meal she gives herself a treat. If there is a wine she won't want dessert or bread. If or -- you know if there's bread she'll chose to not to have wine that night or dessert or you know if it is a celebration you know she'll have the dessert but she won't have the bread and the wine. So, I think that's one way of doing it. I'm not saying like every single night go and to choose one of those things.

35:04 Kami Evans

If you've got great metabolism and you're quite active and you're having a lot of mild and strong alkaline food then definitely you know go and enjoy with all again by the individuals. Some people can eat some things other people cannot like myself. I cannot ingest certain food. I can have dairy, I can have any type of gluten. Check me I try and every now and then I'm making my daughter little bit of pasta and chicken broth and you know I put some organic cheese, cheese on top of it for her. I'm just gonna give her a little bit of this dessert. Remember your stomach is the biggest of it, so she has a little bit of __35:45__ that at the end she __35:47__. Yeah, not a good idea (laughs), I will take it the next day that was not me __35:57__of course staying in bed for the next week. It's just not it's just still work. I've tried it, it's not good for me. When you eat so clean and so healthy for a long period of time and then you incorporate something that just you're used to it it's going to have an effect just the way it is. So, I have learned a lot of things about the alkaline __36:23__ and you know having high alkaline foods into our system and keeping away from the sugar and I actually learned something recently about how the alkaline diet affects cancer cells and another thing test shown that cancer cells and tumors drawn and grow in strong acidic diet, so sugar in your diet white bread, alcohol there are frequent times that people are ingesting these highly inflammatory foods that can encourage the growth of cancer cells.

37:11 Kami Evans

So, what I'm here to share with you are -- if you are having a challenge with the inflammation in your system that are encouraging cancer growth then I highly encouraged you to consider and speak with your doctor about how they get alkalizing food into your system and trying to incorporate certain foods that are going to be like the asparagus, the cayenne pepper strong alkaline and honestly this information I'm here to be the gateway to open the door, to open your eyes, to open your ears up to what is available out there, okay? There is so much information now on the internet, you could Google it, search, research and search again. I want to you let go and investigate it as much as possible. I never want you to encourage people to go -- I don't want people to go out there and to just like hands over their health to anyone. Do you guys hitched in to your health coach to be -- your doctor or the medical practice is a practice, we're trying to find out the best way to help and nourish ourselves. So I want you to make sure that when you are going out there and finding what is best for you as a bio individuals as a person who is able to ingest things in a certain way. Think about what is the best works for you and then I remember I was going to a doctor and this is many years ago on my 20s and I had a lot of gut issues and that's when I was diagnosed with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome or you know anxiety certain things get your digestive tract in a certain not and then you know it affects you and you get really -- you know __39:13__ it definitely affects. More women than men __38:17__ has it as well.

39:18 Kami Evans

And a lot of times when I was talking to this one particular doctor I get a lot of research on __39:26__ "Oh my God" and she was like the one you go to and the guru and -- I'm not saying she was a bad doctor. She just __39:33__ the natural things because she __39:36__ me on the medication. Now, it's like you know what the medication will alleviate that symptom, but we're going to get more. We have to do more than just give me a pill to take away that pain and then what's going to -- it spread out elsewhere. So, you know food became mind medicine for me. I'm not saying all medicine you should cut it out but I think food, I think __40:02__ can be your medicine and a lot of times they joke around that I am a pharmacist but as a RM, that's the type of pharmacist I am. You know there is a really cute joke out there where the guys giving two lettuces to the lady over the counter and there is a pharmacist over her head and he said it could be with the tomato and call me in the morning (laughs). That's what we need to do, we need to eat our foods, get involved with our diet a little more and I understand we're living very fast pace life. Okay, what I want to share with you is that we are having so many people calling in right and now I'm very excited, so let's go answering our first caller. Well, Deb Shepherd, malfunction with the system. That's okay, so what we want to do is ask people call in whatever they like, they can tweet as well, going to look at Twit board calling it at 1855 345 3795. Remember we'll giving away at our next show on November 5 which is the special show because that is on a Tuesday at 5:30, two tickets to Kathy Griffin in New York City on November 8, so you have to be in the New York City on November 8, we're just giving away the tickets.

41:26 Kami Evans

I love you, wish I could do more but we're just giving the tickets away on November 8 and the purpose of that show is community matters. We're focusing on the election day of November 5 because we want to focus a lot on the family, what's going on in our society, the children and what we can do about preventing a lot of few things that we're hearing about in the news and you know the bullying in our schools. Unfortunately, a lot of these kids who are getting bullied are reacting in a very challenging way and we want to make sure that you know as a community what we can do and we've got a lot of amazing people coming in to speak on that event and because Kathy Griffin has been an amazing advocate and supporter of people __42:17__ she is a great comedian and she __42:20__ a lot of time but it also -- you know she was a croaky kid growing up and -- you know look at where she is now, she is doing amazing and we're trying to share with the kids that it does get better. And we're also looking -- we're starting to talk to people at Born This Way Foundation and who knows, maybe we can get one of their representatives to chime and on the talk as well. Okay, I just got another treat about alkaline in foods. Someone just asked me what is that they can have vegetable -- how they can incorporate vegetables in the morning especially with peaky ears with their kids. You know, Jessica Seinfeld wrote this book and I spoke to her right now but I'll to make sure to put it online about incorporating turned vegetable into the sweeter foods. And on the side you got to get that into __43:18__ any way __43:19__ the vegetables and it is making __43:21__ pancakes and you know hash browns or whatever it is. Do it. I mean like think of all different ways that you can make certain types of hash browns. You could do with sweet potatoes; you can incorporate some gingers into it.

43:38 Kami Evans

There is so many things that you can do to get that into proper vegetables into your kid's system and you want to develop your child's pallet quite early on. I know that we all start off with a very sweet foods like mother's milk it's very sweet and then that's very comforting for us, so that's always in our brain and that's what we want -- you know to always remember and to comforted by just like comfort foods, but also you have to think about what can you do to get those strong acid alkalizing -- not __44:20__ out but getting alkalizing food into our systems. And we're going to try Dave Shepherd again. Good morning! How are you?

44:34 Greg

Hi! This is Greg from Nashville, Tennessee.

44:36 Kami Evans

Oh, Greg. I'm sorry. It says Dave Shepherd here.

44:40 Greg

That's okay, that's me that's just my handle.

44:43 Kami Evans

Okay, so tell me what's you question and thank you for calling in.

44:47 Greg

I just want to say thank you for not only the topic but specifically for bringing up alkaline versus acidic foods because it's such a simple concept just one example and I know you know which foods are acidic and which are alkaline. I gave up meat back in December 2012 with the exception of a couple of corn dog going along the way but I have a little bit fish -- you know a little bit of fish, a little bit of shrimp but zero beef and unfortunately the things that you know that are heaviest in acidity are the stuff we love; the coffee, the chocolate, the puff that you know all these, but when I have conversations with people and they say what have you done -- you know you look like you lost a couple of pounds or although that's not my intention it's just to be well. I say what is the one thing that you love to eat the most and a common answer that I get is bread and I say stop eating that for a month and you would not believe the negative reaction that I get people cling to this stuff like it's their last blood and I get that, I've been there with alcohol 20 years ago. We just...

45:56 Kami Evans


45:57 Greg

Not on with these things but the acid alkaline thing I didn't not learn about that until maybe three or four months ago and I just ...

46:03 Kami Evans


46:04 Greg

Try to make a choice each time I eat okay is this acid is it alkaline and the last thing I'll say is it's real simple, if you're listening, think of the work acid. What do you think of when you hear the word acid, is that a light word or is it a heavy word? The heavy word -- acid is death and if you understand basic chemistry this is the balance at a cellular level that goes on in universe constantly. Acidic versus alkaline and we just got to try to stay in that middle ground which is neutral as much as possible and we will watch our health really increase and you said the word chemistry, I think people don't understand when we eat and breathe, we are chemists and our blood is the laboratory. We have to learn to be better chemists. Thank you for opening the mic.

46:54 Kami Evans

Oh, no. You are wonderful. Thank you so much for calling in from Nashville, Tennessee.

46:59 Greg

Good stuff, good stuff.

47:01 Kami Evans

Oh, you're wonderful. Thank you so much. So I'm so happy that you share that again, that it was quite useful to share both of the acid levels and the alkaline levels, and he is absolutely right. What we're looking to do today is to get the -- oh, I need to shared on our message board. He hasn't had beer for 10 months and you know what, listen to your gut, it's your immune system. You have to make sure that you are protecting your immune system. You got one body, that's all we get. You can buy as many shoes as you want, as many clothes as you want. Buy a car if you're along the way, enjoy that. However, you got one gut, one body, one brain, you got to treat it right and honestly if you're not taught in early in life make sure to educate yourself later on in life, but make sure you're teaching the little ones around you as well because that is so important and absolutely you just share another great book to share and to become extremely _48:02_ which is a lot based on this fixation is the _48:07_ book by William Goethe. It is a wonderful read what we based this conversation about today. Now, we're coming up to the end of our conversation, I want you to know that our podcast are always available within a day on iTunes. You can always listen to everything via Facebook and Twitter, and we are going to be giving away our few tickets for Kathy Griffin which is showing at Carnegie Hall in New York City next on Friday, November 8. The tickets are available for Friday, November 8, two tickets though great feeds as well and the way that _48:51_ to win that, the winner will be announced on November 6, but the way that you can enter is by re-tweeting the show Community Matters, that's going to be on November 5.

49:08 Kami Evans

And our focus for that show is going to be the community, the family and the bully and we're trying to kind of crowd out that bully because this show is all about health and wellness and the family and we are all about helping each other and if you re-tweet that show and hashtag community or just retweet that show, one lucky listener, one luck follower, listener, Twitter is going to be going to see Kathy Griffin live on November 8 and get the word out with regards to that. We've got such a wonderful show. Thank you _49:46_ was a partner today and thank you again to our call-in and except from the Nashville, Tennessee, that made it so much fun for us and again, we're going to be ending our show with Still Corners from London who sings the Fireflies song which is going to be our intro and outro music because I absolutely love it. If you have any questions, please tweet, email, go to our website Elahi Holistic and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you. Thank you.