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Fall into Wellness

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Kami Evans Mind Management

Kami Evans Mind Management


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Join me in a conversation on how the 11 day Detox for Fall into Wellness has been for me and many others. 


Call in with questions and concerns, and lets start the conversation.  It is more that a Detox, it is an opportunity to kickstart your health into high gear. I took the 11 day challenge recently and will share how I felt - and ways it has helped me lose 7.5 lbs and feel even more energized.




0:07 Kami Evans

Hi and thank you for joining me. This is Kami Evans with my management and today's episode is very exciting for me. We're gonna be talking about the 11-day detox in which I just finished and I'm here to share as much information as I can to help everyone. So what brought me to the 11-day detox? Well, I just had a baby and I couldn't shed the weight so I needed to kick start into some sort of healthy way of thinking and having a relationship with my food again. One of the ways I was trying to convince myself of losing the weight was through exercising. What I noticed was I would be at the gym maybe taking 1 to 2 classes but the weight wasn't going anywhere.

2:07 Kami Evans

I had in my mind if I came home and I was able to -- I don't know. I guess if I was able to have a Luna Bar and a tea after each workout that would've been fine; however, that didn't really work out of me. I found out that nutrition is key. I really feel it's like 60% to 70% of it and one of the things that I started doing was following this 11-day program which was filled with clean food, whole foods that you basically can get at the farmer's market or at your local supermarket where it would be organic food that you would pick up and you would be able to just make your own recipes at home and I didn't starve. I wasn't worried about "Oh my gosh! Am I gonna be able to leave the house?" Or "oh my God, is my stomach going to," you know, "is this gonna implode on me or something?" I just kept it very simple. I started with the morning elixir which was lemon, warm water, apple cider vinegar and a little bit of stevia and that is pretty much kicked off your digestive tract to be nice and healthy for the day and then I would incorporate certain things into the day, daily diet which was lots of green juices which are healthy. I didn't try to cut things out. I did something else that's very interesting, it's called crowding out, and when you crowd out food you're basically incorporating new food into your system and you're trying to rig -- what happens __3:56__ that you rig yourself of those other cravings that you have. My biggest downfall was chocolate. Chocolate in my mind was another food group.

4:09 Kami Evans

I felt like, "Oh, Luna Bar still has chocolate on it." It's healthy. It's a "protein bar." I'll be fine. They told me to have it when I was pregnant as well. Yeah, okay, and I love Luna bars. Don't get me wrong but not as like in everyday thing to have and I wasn't training for a marathon so it's not like I needed those extra calories. So at nighttime, my amazing husband, who is British, he goes to England quite frequently and he brings me back the best chocolate, I feel in the world is called Cadbury. It's just sweeter, tastier. It's much better than any other chocolate that I enjoy and honestly these chocolate bars were big as my infant and I would sit down there and it was my own little marathon of how quick that he get chocolate into my system and the funny thing was everytime I would take a piece of chocolate, it wasn't enough. It's like you know, you had that first bite that was delicious and then you're trying to reach that first biting and the first anticipation and it just didn't fill me up. The next thing you know, half of the huge block of chocolate later I'm like "Uhm" still not satisfied with that. I got to figure something out and the working out was just not enough. It was definitely nutrition as well. So I started to do this morning elixirs. I incorporated green juices and honestly do yourself a favor. Get to know your local market. Find out who has a juicer. If you wanna invest in a juicer, go get a Breville. Those are the best ones. Go find out. Go online on Amazon or go find out if you belong to one of those wholesale clubs. Go get one. Those are great but the only thing that a juicer does that is different in just like a NutriBullet which is by far my favorite thing on the face of the earth is it takes all the fiber out.

6:16 Kami Evans

You need the juicer. Don't get me wrong, you do need that but you need to keep the skin of the fruit and the veg and all those bits of goodness in the fiber so that you get all the nutrients and minerals and vitamins in your system. So if you can, you are able to have your juice and if you get a NutriBullet which is like, I don't know. Like 120 bucks or 99 bucks. Go to Bed Bath and Beyond, wait for the 20% coupon that you get in the mail that they sent religiously and get that NutriBullet. And the thing about a NutriBullet, don't get me wrong, I love the Vitamix but that's a good car payment and if you don't wanna invest in the Vitamix, that's fine. The NutriBullet also, when you keep in on mixing for maybe a few minutes, it will also like puree vegetables to be warmer and it's like a soup. It's delicious. So those are the things that I was doing and I think one thing that I realize, a revelation that I came to is when we we're eating quite frequently in this fast paced environment that we are in, I mean I'm in a little sweet town in and I could get things are a bit more relaxed out here. People are very active outside. But you know, you still have the school run, the activities going on and you're trying to keep a social life as well but things are quite busy but will constantly speeding ourselves for that moment like I'm hungry, I want something sweet. I want something savory. I'm thirsty, I want something maybe not water because unfortunately we don't drink enough water and sometimes water is considered boring but neat.

8:15 Kami Evans

I would secondly feel like oh I don't want water. Honestly, go get yourself a glass of water and then go eat something or drink something out but you need to nourish your body with water. Still, what this late revelation I had was why are we constantly eating for that moment? I get it. Let's live for the moment. Let's be in the moment. Let's be present, I'm all about that but, we should really think about how marathoners and runners live their lives. When they're going for a marathon, they're fuelling up the night before with all that sort of carbs and pasta because they know that they're going to __8:54__ the next day. So you gotta think to yourself, what am I doing tomorrow? What is it? Do I have a busy work day? At the weekend, am I running around with my family, my friends then I better fuel up today for tomorrow, or if you're like "Oh you know what, it's a snowy day, I'm probably gonna be inside once the weather starts changing" then you know what? Eat for tomorrow, eat later. Have a little juice in your system. This way you know you are gonna be home and if you're concerned like you don't wanna be like cut out and you've been juicing. You'll be home. There's nothing to worry about. I get lots of questions of, you know, can I have things that are sugar-free? Are those healthy? My view, listen, I know you spell differently. We don't all look the same so every single diet or belief in all that good stuff it's always gonna be different. So I feel that with regards to things that are sugar-free that are using sweeteners, you may wanna stay away from those. Those aren't really gonna be great for you.

10:10 Kami Evans

I think if you are using a natural sweetener like stevia or you're using agave or something like raw local honey, those are better for you. Sugar is not going to be the best thing for your system because you go to this whole cycle of "I want something sweet. I get some sugar in me. I get hyped up. I crash. I want some sweet again to start." So you're like that little hamster on that little wheel continuously going up to the sugar. Why would you do this to yourself? If you want something sweet have some raw honey. Have some stevia. Just replace it so you're not going to have craving later. So what I would like to do now is have a few questions that were tweeted. You can always tweet me Elahi Holistic on Twitter or on our Facebook page which is facebook.com/elahiholistic and some of the questions I got which were really, really interesting to me are -- one person asked me, what about chewing gum when you're working out? Or can I chew gum and not work out and lose weight? You know, I think anybody who owns a gum company would be a multi-trillionaire. I didn't know that's really the real number but I think all that will be chewing gum all the time and all the gyms in the world would close down to be honest. If you could just lose weight by chewing gum. Sure, maybe, it will burn a few calories here and there but you know, move your body. You need to move your body and it's not that hard because everyday you're given a choice, either your choice is you choose comfort or you're going to choose success in yourself so someday you'll feel comfort. I go for it. Someday if you need to like just relax and not do anything and regroup and if you wanna have something to eat and have a piece of chocolate, go for it.

12:11 Kami Evans

Enjoy your life but other days, you know what? If you know that you're gonna be running around and you need that energy that next day then choose about, choose success. Like I said before, I live over this __12:27__ town in Connecticut and where we live, there are lots of sidewalks and we have two beautiful girls but when my older girl is in school, my younger daughter which is seven months is at home with me and I'm thinking to myself, I got to move my body, what can I do? Easy, I put the kids in the stroller and I go for walk shift. It's totally stimulated by just being out there, getting fresh air and I'm just moving my body and having the minute with her as well. Maybe we live in an area that doesn't have many places to walk around, maybe you do. If you're in a busy city and you're not walking, I don't know. Maybe you should start looking for nice little rounds to check out and go explore your environment. But I really think is just moving your body and just making sure getting oxygen to the entire body, hydrating yourself with water, it's gonna be the best thing for you in the long run. I do work with a lot of people with special needs and people who may have mobility challenges and they are probably listening in. You know Kami, how am I gonna move my body if I always need someone to be there with me? Well you know what, you get them involved to you. You got them, have them obviously there with your therapist or with your caregiver. Go in front of the mirror. It's amazing and just have them move your body up and down. Parents and caregivers that are working with one or even adult children, just have them move their body as well.

14:09 Kami Evans

You've got to get the oxygen into the body because like a sponge if you are not moving your body, it's going to, unfortunately, react to a dried up sponge. There are some things that maybe you know, maybe after 25 years old I'm pretty much beyond 25, unfortunately. I wish I was younger but that's okay. If you're 25 years old, your joints are not naturally lubricating themselves so you got to move your body and move your joints so that lubrication into all your joints. So instead of like waking up and going "Oh, my back hurts", "my shoulder hurts" or "I can't -- my knees are popping." Knees popping is not a big deal, that's just air but if you feel like "I'm feeling achy and it hurts." You gotta get oxygen to it. You gotta get lubrication into your joints and move your body. I'm also a yoga instructor so some people may feel like a little, I don't know. I've never taken yoga. I mean personally in myself, the fist yoga class had lasted which is a multiclass in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with a studio there. I walked out after 10 minutes when they started doing certain breath exercises. I have looked at my friend who brought me in I was like "It's not for me." I don't think and can do this I gouged across all these yoga nights and got out of there. That's okay. It's like anything. It's like music. You got to listen to different types of music until you follow and listen to the ones the type of music that you like. That class just was not for me and so I'm happy that I was able to learn later on in like different types of yoga class, yoga techniques where I found what worked for me but there are so many opportunities out there to learn and even if you go into a yoga class.

16:13 Kami Evans

Sit in the back, just check it out, look at it, observe. Take your time. One beautiful thing that I learned when I was getting my third vacation for yoga is somebody told me, "Yoga is a practice, not a perfect." Everybody takes their time in developing and in growing their yoga practice. So just give yourself a chance to learn that and you know some interesting being of some people feel like "I can't sit down and just do yoga. I need to be moving. I need to be moving my body." Great! You know what, use yoga as a complement to your running, to your skiing. Some people are amazing golfers but it just lubricates all your joints, after 25 people will need that and let me tell you something else. After 40, your spine starts to change a bit too. So you need to definitely do a little poses like cat and cow, and cobra and downward dog to get your spine fixed and -- I'm sorry to be not fixed. Nobody needs to be fixed, but for your spine to be lubricated and just like more comfortable. We are constantly sitting, we are a society of travelers who sit in the chair in a certain way. I mean, personally whenever I go to visit family overseas. I mean, you're in that airplane seat. Even if you get the one that reclines all the way. Still not, your bet, it's not as comfortable. You gotta make sure that you're hydrated, you're doing things for your body correctly and just take care yourself in the best way that you know how.

18:00 Kami Evans

The hardest thing for me which is going back to the detox was accepting the fact that I am not the -- I don't wanna say like the physical shape that I wasn't the healthiest that I knew I could be, but I just embrace the fact that I am the best that I can be at this moment. So instead of feeling bad or feeling down on myself or giving myself a hard time in just dressing and things that maybe if they covered up myself. I'm thinking "You know what, let's just embrace like where I'm at." Put on things that make me feel better so you know things were a little snug but that's okay. I wore things and I just like had an outlook of I'm the best that I can be at this moment and that just motivated me to do more and do better. Oh, we got another question, so I love all these people who were tweeting today. One person has asked me if they have a nut allergy and a lot of these detoxes constantly incorporate nuts into their program with this 11-day program, there are no nuts, but some of my three-day program have nuts in them for protein. Obviously, for snacking you can always replace them. I love wasabi crackers which are very spicy. Definitely clear your sinuses out but they are tasty. They are little rice crackers. They are lovely but there are so many other amazing gluten-free crackers now. People are realizing that they need to help the gluten-free clients they have.

19:58 Kami Evans

So if you go on a real clean eating whole foods program, you want to find out what are the alternatives to the nuts, if they have nuts, and just incorporate as many different types of non grains into your daily diet. Some things that many of you know about but I will just share with those that may not be as familiar. Quinoa, it's a wonderful sprout that they make pasta out of. You could get little crackers from quinoa. You get cereals as well. You can also -- with pastas some pasta today absolutely love that they fell over here in our town is corned beef or rice beef and they're wonderful. They just don't have the gluten that we're all trying to avoid especially during a clean eating program. One of the things that's always a bit tricky when you're going through the detox or a clean eating program. Now, one thing I wanna explain is a clean eating program and detox is an opportunity to flush your system out of some of the toxins and being that our environments have put into our system but also the food that have been put into our system. So it's twofold. A cleanse is a bit deeper. That's when you're doing the juice cleanse and you're really ridding yourself of a lot more. A cleanse can often be considered a bit stronger and can be a bit harsher on your system and shock your system a bit more. Some of us can handle that much easier than others. So if you're doing a detox or a cleanse, just make sure you find out ways not to shock your system to the point that you're just killing over and like "Oh my God. I can't believe I just took that green juice within the root of me."

22:01 Kami Evans

Little baby steps, you take your time. That's why what's any clean program you have the pre-detox for a few days. Then you go through the detox and then at the end there is three or four days of transition foods. What a detox is always trying to do is very much on what considered an elimination diet. I know there are so many people out there that are allergic to food and they just eat everything and they don't feel well. They wonder "Why am I not feeling well?" Or they're feeling bloated and they're just like "Oh it's just because I'm chubby" or whatever. You know what, you can have an allergy. I have a friend who is allergic to potatoes. I have another friend who is allergic to apple. I have family members that are allergic to berries. You got to just think what -- instead of -- you can definitely go to your doctors and get that test then take your bloods, I suppose you're just doing the skin test, you could get your blood drawn and sometimes that cost $600. If you can do that I think that's pretty good. If you can't do that especially financially, you can't do that then do a __23:17__ food eating program, do that type of detox because it's an elimination diet. It takes all those things that we, of the society, are so used to having readily available for us to just go to the supermarket, get that sandwich that's wrapped up in a pretty little wrapper that's been there for a couple of days, God's knows, because sometimes we're so busy we don't even look at the date and then you're like, "Hmm, I guess they're using a different type of dressing on it." Do yourself a favor, look at the dates. So what you want to do is when you're doing one of these clean eating programs is make sure that you're taking -- you're getting rid of all the dairy.

24:02 Kami Evans

Dairy is inflammatory. Gluten inflames in your stomach as well. Sometimes there's nuts that obviously people are having allergies to because they're just closing up their system that's -- if you're like don't give me anything with nuts. I had a friend of mine, unfortunately, I was reading a post on Facebook, I hope you're listening in but I'm not gonna say your name, and he went to -- get himself a coffee and unfortunately he took a sip and he is allergic to nuts and it was a hazelnut coffee, what are people thinking? I mean listen, it's not the most organic form of hazelnut but I'm sure the guy had a pretty tough day at the end of that. So things that you can avoid to reduce the inflammation in your body are sugar, caffeine, grains, any type of like pasta, bread, anything that has gluten in it. Now, it's very important for you to be aware that when people go on vegan diet or if you go to like a whole foods and they say vegan chicken salad. In your mind you're thinking "Vegan chicken salad that sounds good to me. I think that's the healthy way to go." Read the ingredients. There is gluten. There is something that needs to bind that new wave of chicken that they put into a vegan chicken salad. I really think a lot of times we __25:46__ responsibility of the ingredients to the supermarkets, to the restaurants and you can't do that because if you do that unfortunately you leave yourself out to be expose to get something in your system that you may not want to have in your system.

26:05 Kami Evans

Listen, Whole Foods great, any type of supermarket and Super Stop and Shop and all of them, they're all great, they all have their organic section. I'm going to teach a number that you need to always keep in mind whenever you are shopping. The number 9, for fruits and vegetables means that it is organic. Local, I always feel that's just local, local farmer's market and stuff like that, local farms that are selling that if you are being to get to it but now all the cities have such amazing opportunities that they bring in local and fresh fruits and vegs. Look for the number 9 if you are going to the big supermarkets. Number 9 means organic. Whenever they give it a very pretty name called conventional that is more pesticides, that's not organic. So when you go into your whole foods or your fresh market here in town or any food emporium in New York, just look for the number 9 when you're picking up your fruit and vegs and sometimes they don't make it as easy to find it to see bananas or with any bananas. You go and you just grab some bunch of bananas, but look to see, is that a number 4 and the first number because they will have like 432751 it will be like four or five digits, but if it is a 9 then you're much better off. There are two things about organic fruit and vegs that I would like for you to consider, one is, since I'm trying to get everybody to that mindset of eating for tomorrow.

28:02 Kami Evans

When you're buying stuff don't fill up your cabinets, your refrigerator, your counters with so much food that you know you're gonna throw away a lot of it and especially with organic food. The shelf's life it's meant to be eaten right away or the next day. It's not meant to be left there for a week where if you got a big bag of oranges with the number 4 that could be out there for over a week, but oranges with a number 9, you know you want to eat that quite soon. So that's the thing and another thing is obviously whenever you -- if you drop a bag of apples that are organic, they gonna go but it will get bruised quite easily so whenever that happens just juice them. There is no wrong way of using those and one thing that we started doing in our house is really just making sure that we are eating for tomorrow, but also making sure and we are shopping, we are shopping only for a few days and you lucky people out in the city, I'm so envious of you because you could go and shop and go out and that could be a part of your exercise. You could just go walk to the supermarket. Take a longer way home and come back and I really think that that's a great opportunity for you to get your little walk in 50 minutes there, 50 minutes back. It's highly recommended for you to move your body actively for 30 minutes a day. Hey! If you could do __29:52__. God bless you, good for you, so much better, but if it's all you can do, walk some place for 50 minutes to turn around walk back, you can do that because again you have choices every single day.

30:06 Kami Evans

Now, the interesting thing to me when I see people who are looking to loose more than 30 pounds, I get so excited for them because I'm like you made so many choices to get you here. So you're very good at making choices. Maybe just not the right choices maybe some choices can be tweaked but you're making choices and that is to like nourish your body to get things into your system, maybe you're not moving your body, but let's do that. Knowing that they're just gonna have such an amazing journey towards greatness, towards being able to get fit again, I mean, gosh! I mean look at this people on TV you see all these programs on TV and if you have to go that route too that's wonderful. You need to do the weight watchers or the Jenny Craig and all that good stuff. They are just reminding you things that you pretty much know and if the support of those systems works for you I love it, do what works for you, but at the end of the day it got shocks me that it's a multi-billion dollar industry for people to not eat food if you think about that, but anyway __31:23__, but the main thing is to think about every single time you make a choice of food or you gonna feel like going like Thursday night or Friday night going out with my friends, I wanna have a few drinks, do you sounds a favor, have a little bit of extra water, the day before and the day after just make sure you're hydrated. I'm not saying go cut out everything forever and not live the life that makes you happy, I'm saying be aware of your choices, be aware of what is best for you in the long run.

31:59 Kami Evans

We are living a lot longer people and I think you know that and we need to be healthy for our families, for our friends, for our kids and for those people who were responsible too. Just do those things are gonna make you feeling very nourished in the long run. Okay we have another tweet, which I love these tweets because they're so sweet. Okay, someone has asked what if you hate greens? Well, the way that I learned it with green food, like green vegetables and so on, I don't think everybody hates all greens I mean there is always lime, there is avocado, but I understand like leafy greens and broccoli and those types of things, what I want you to think of the color of green the fruit, it is very good for your respiratory system, it's very good for the oxygen coming into your body. If it's not your favorite type of food, try to incorporate it into a smoothie, like this is morning smoothie. My smoothie is so delicious, but a lot of people do it, I don't know if I could do that. I have a hand full of kettle put into my morning smoothie with coconut water, a banana which makes it so sweet at the end of the day and a scoop of Sunwarrior protein which is I feel for me it has been the best protein shake. Quite frequently people are having protein shakes, thinking "Okay, this is great. I'm gonna have a protein shake and has bits in it and it's quite healthy and it's only 120 calories," but I just want you to make sure that you do a little more research on the protein shake that you are considering.

34:06 Kami Evans

I love Sunwarrior because it is raw plant based protein, it's very gentle on the stomach. It has a lot of protein in it 15 grams of protein, it's only 80 calories so if you're trying to be mindful of your caloric intake, but a lot of the other protein shakes out there just make sure that they are right for what you want because the protein shake sometimes is there to build muscle and sculpt your body if you are training and if that's the avenue you are going through going down then great, but if you're looking to get a little leaner, try to shelf around your protein shake, consider doing the Sunwarrior, consider trying the protein shakes with others almond's milk or coconut water. Some people like they like "Oh, coconut water? I cannot have coconut water." Because they're thinking coconut water is gonna be sweet like a pi��a colada, sorry guys it's not going to be sweet like that, but add a banana it's gonna make it sweeter, but if you're having your green your leafy greens are so good for your respiratory system dark leafy greens are known to have much more vitamin K. Now for all of my lovely friends out there who are taking blood thinners as I'm sure you are aware and for those that are not aware you want to stay away from dark leafy greens or anything with a lot of vitamin K in it because it interferes with the blood thinner. So it does not mean you cannot hide this or like the water or leafy green or celery, that's fine you can still incorporate those but you just still want to have __36:01__ that's what you want to stay away from.

36:05 Kami Evans

So the people who have you know adverse to the greens a little bit at the time. It's like -- as I'm feeding my 7-month-old when I'm doing incorporating new foods, I don't just give her like the apple to chew on, no, or I give her the banana right away, no. I mix then mash it off and makes a little into the rice cereal and I give it to her and then little by little she developed the palate for it and she it agrees with her digestive tract and we move forward from there so just live baby steps. But always think at the back of your mind eating for tomorrow, so tomorrow is Monday, tomorrow is the start of the work week and we could think about what I may going to do to nourish myself, to hydrate myself for tomorrow. It's the start of the week, there's lot of stuff happening. You either have you commute for an hour and a half, some people God bless you, two hours, some people have a commute like me where you know downstairs that are still in the basement that's fine too, but just think what it is that you're trying to for that day. Don't be -- I'm talking to my friend of mine and it would so sweet if she's listening and in my brain I know she is, don't be reactive, be creative just change those C in the R. Don't be reactive with what you're eating and the way you're responding and what you're doing on a daily basis. Be creative and be more like open to trying different things and for those of you who are doing all the right things good for you. I want those of you out there that have questions to email me, to tweet, to go on my Facebook page, I want those of you who are having some amazing recipes out there. Share them.

38:03 Kami Evans

I wanna be able to use this as a forum to get the word out to those who may not normally be able to find out this information or that don't know what are the right questions to ask, like when you're learning a new language, how do you get a questions in new language if you haven't learn the proper way to even say "Hi, how are you." It's like a new language when you're changing your diet and your activities and exercise. I am going to share with everybody a very interesting, I don't know how to say this, so a very interesting detox and healthy ways to get some toxins out of you, is I would say a little more than usual than most of us have gone, it is extremely effective and it's something that like with baby steps you try it for the minute and the goal believe it or not is to do it for 20 minutes. If you can do it for 20 minutes it's good for you, if you could do it for a minute you tried it I'm so proud of you. There is something that's a concept that they for taking a lot of toxins out of your digestive tract and that's called oil pulling. What is oil pulling? I know you're thinking like you're gonna get some tractor and go and get some oil like the Beverly Hill billies. No. Oil pulling when you get an oil a lot of people use coconut oil because it's sweet, you can safflower oil, you can use grape seed oil, I don't know. If you wanna use olive oil feel free because you're familiar with olive oil, but I think if you have a little bit of a different flavor in it might be a little more interesting and the similar way that you would use mouth wash, you are swishing the oil in your mouth.

40:03 Kami Evans

A recommended ways to do it is when you get in the shower it takes like a little shot glass, fill it at halfway, put the oil in your mouth, go in the shower and just swish, swish, swish it around. Do your best not to spit it out in the shower for two reasons, you're gonna fall, A and B you don't want that type of oil be trapped into your pipes from the shower. If you're concerned about doing it in the shower just switch it around as you can and honestly I'm sorry to say you want to spit it out in your toilet because that can handle more than most of the pipes in the house and I'll just leave it like that, sorry. And then what you want to do after you finish oil pulling, start off at a minute, go for a few minutes, if you get to 20 minutes the best. It's taking all the toxins out of your saliva glands and remember when you're chewing that's the start of your digestive tract all that saliva is going to help your food get digested much better. We're just like constantly eating chewing for 10 seconds and then swallowing, what we want to really be doing is to chew for 75 times. Yeah, you think it yourself well how I may going to chew yogurt, oh, you don't chew yogurt so don't worry about that, that is going to help much easier, but if you're having your fruit and vegs and whatever other protein that you're incorporating or rice you wanna chew that much more so that it's so ready to just go to your digestive tract without bothering your stomach, whatsoever, but when you're doing the oil pulling, I honestly whoever is going to try that either tomorrow or the next couple of days I would love to hear how that worked out for you and how you're feeling after it. It's going to boost your adrenal glands, it's gonna give you more energy, it's gonna take all those toxins out.

42:01 Kami Evans

Please remember when your oil __42:03__ you spit it out, make sure it gets out, you want those toxins out. After you finish the oil pulling what you want to do is rinse your mouth out with like three or four glasses of water afterwards and just get all that residue out of your mouth. Oh, we're coming to the end of my very first show and thank you so much for everybody who has been listening and thank you for the sweet people who have been tweeting in and I'm sure there's going to be more questions. Just feel free to go to Elahi Holistic on Facebook or on Twitter. You can always go to our website as well elahiholistic.com. Today is the launch of the 11-day detox from those tweets when you guys are very lucky you're going to get a free detox, I'm so excited for you guys and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call in, ask, share and do whatever you need to do to get the information you need to be healthy and being the best person you can be at that moment. Thank you very much. This is Kami Evans with Mind Management and have a great week.