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http://www.afrikanworldanalysis.com Afrika's ReAscension is a forum for the unapologetic, uncompromising, culturally-centered Afrikan population. Here we will deal with Afrika's wisdom ON HER OWN TERMS, untainted by foreign ideas, with the intended goal of reclaiming our birthright glory. Are you ready to lay the foundations to create societies and nations that will make KMT look small? If so, this is the place for you. We ascend above the confusion and lies told in the name of Afrika & give her grand classical and traditional Wisdom a true and proper voice.

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SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS PLEASE-- WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/KAMAU301 A little over 2 years and finally 100 episodes & AIN'T NO STOPPING US!!!!!! We will be celebrating our 100th episode (yes, technically this is episode 101,... more

PLEASE SUPPORT OUR EFFORTS HERE-- WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/KAMAU301 On April 21st, we had an interview w/ the uncompromising Sis. Kentake. This has quickly become one of our most popular... more

May 19th, Baba Omowale fka Malcolm X, was born today, many many years ago. Yet his words are still as true today as they were when he 1st spoke them, and the attempts at his character assassination are as real today as they were... more

PLEASE SUPPORT US-- WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/KAMAU301 April 5-7th 2013 (gregorian calendar), I was finally given the opportunity to present at the MAGNIFICENT SANKOFA CONFERENCE. This conference, which has been... more

[PLEASE SUPPORT Afrika's Reascension--cafepress.com/kamau301] So I am on multiple social media sites. Theeeeee most unapologetically Afrikan centered one is ABIBITUMIKASA.COM. So I am on there, conversing & reading... more

[PLEASE SUPPORT AFRIKA'S REASCENSION--CAFEPRESS.COM/KAMAU301] Our regular listeners know that I WAS ALLOWED TO finally present at this MAGNIFICENT conference.... more

So as many of our regular listeners know, I was given the opportunity to present at this years ASCAC (Association for the Study of Classical Afrikan Civilizations) Conference. My talk was entitled SPIRITUAL WARFARE: RECLAIMING OUR... more

Tonight we will discuss a chapter out of a MAGNIFICENT, rarely heard of book that came out in the mid-90's, called REALITY REVOLUTION: RETURN TO THE WAY by Baba Kofi Addae. Chapter 6 is entitled LET US MOVE ON where he... more

Tonight, we will give an overview of Dr. Mama Marimba Ani's penultimate chapter in her MASTERWORK Yurugu entitled UNIVERSALISM-The Syntax of Cultural Imperialism. Universalism trips up even the best of us...it disarms us & makes us... more

At the request of a regular listener, tonight we shall talk about the cnn show WHO IS BLACK IN AMERIKKKA, the cnn show started by mixed sista soledad o'brien. We will place this show w/in its more proper AFRIKAN cultural context.... more
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