Your Health is in Your Hands

Your Health is in Your Hands


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Dr. Joanna Carmichael & Nick Colasanti discuss ideas to inspire and empower you to take charge of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health.

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Today Dr. Joanna will talk about the difference bewteen holistic medicine and allopathic medicine as it relates to true healing and wholeness of body, mind, heart and spirit. With a background in Nursing and a 20+ year career in... more

Today Nick & Dr. Joanna will talk about some natrual ways you can decrease anxiety and get some sleep! If bad nutrition is the Mother of all disease, Insomnia is the Father. Our bodies need sleep in order to restore, rebalance, and... more

Today Nick & Dr. Joanna will delve into their own worlds of Hypnotherapy and Meditation to discuss the differences and similarities between these two techniques and why one or the other, (or both) make it easier to change... more

Nick & Dr. Joanna will be talking about an ancient technique called, Primordial Sound Meditation. This is a meditation technique originating in the ancient wisdom of India. Primordial Sounds—the basic, most essential sounds of... more

Today, Dr. Joanna will be talking with fellow Kalyana practitioner, Dr. Anya de la Motte, about natural ways to alleviate and get to the true causes of depression. Depression is a condition that plagues many people at various times in their... more

Can everyone be hypnotized? Are we hypnotized when we are reading a good book or being absorbed in a great movie? Join Nick & Dr. Joanna in this enlightening discussion about whether waking hypnosis is possible and whether... more

Focusing on the expertise of Nick Colasanti, Kalyana Centre Hypnotherapist & Counselor, Dr. Joanna will be talking with him about using hypnotherapy in children. Some of the questions they will answer include: Are children easily... more

Dr. Joanna and Dr. Anya de la Motte discuss Emunctories - the organs of elimination. What are they? Why do they Matter? and How do we balance them? How do we make sure that all of the emunctories are open and doing thier... more

Join Dr. Joanna & Nick along with fellow Kalyana Practitioner, Dr. Anya de la Motte to discuss what we can do to boost our immunity naturally to prevent the colds/flu that so many people get during the winter months, as well as what you... more