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This is the voice of the Kala Nation.We are an African-American unity movement dedicated to a new cultural,moral,and spiritual revival.

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Tonight we will have a Tuesday night sermon.I will discuss the NAACP Image awards and some of the controversies.And how through clever manipulation we are corralled back on to the American Plantation.While I will give praise where... more

Tonight Thomas and I will discuss the coming global meltdown due to toxic derivatives,debt,and government spending.What does this mean for us?Are we to wait and sink with the USA Titanic when it goes down?I have long said China's... more

Tonight is the Sunday Night sermon in Kalaland.I will be talking about the new group BAIO and the long history of African secret societies.What are they?How are they different from modern organizations?Can a secret society of like... more

Tonight we will talk about one of our most damning"Sacred Cows" our icons.It seems we do not want to criticize or build on what past leaders have said,only to copy and worship past leaders.A sacred cow is a belief,tradition,custom,or idea... more

Tonight will be a continuation of the Story of the African American.I will talk about the goal and vision for nationhood.Also we will talk about current events happening now.Sunday night I talked about land,infrastructure and... more

Tonight is the return of the Voice of the Kala Nation Sunday Night Sermon.Story of the African American will examine the Birth of a people and the evolution of a Black Nation.I will be discussing the events of recent importance as it relates to... more

African Americans are on everybodies minds these days.From the deepest bush in Africa to the Eskimo and to the average White Americans.But it seems no one really knows who we are after countless movies,documentaries,news... more

Tonight we will talk about the news and topics of today.Ripped from the headlines.Robert Mugabe says Whites must go!It is time for Afrocentric scholars and the so called past elders to go?Some people seem to think so.What... more

Tonight ripped from social media not the the mainstream sewer line piped into your homes every comes alternative media.Tonight I will be answering the many question I get on Facebook,Twitter,email,inbox ect.Questions like"Kala What do... more
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