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This is the voice of the Kala Nation.We are an African-American unity movement dedicated to a new cultural,moral,and spiritual revival.

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African Americans are on everybodies minds these days.From the deepest bush in Africa to the Eskimo and to the average White Americans.But it seems no one really knows who we are after countless movies,documentaries,news... more

Tonight we will talk about the news and topics of today.Ripped from the headlines.Robert Mugabe says Whites must go!It is time for Afrocentric scholars and the so called past elders to go?Some people seem to think so.What... more

Tonight ripped from social media not the the mainstream sewer line piped into your homes every comes alternative media.Tonight I will be answering the many question I get on Facebook,Twitter,email,inbox ect.Questions like"Kala What do... more

TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will be on for two hours with the BAIO Blogger/Warriors discussing the news and events of today.I will lead with topics like Land Infrastructure and Nationhood.We will talk about Africa and the Pan African... more

Tonight we will be talking about headlines ripped from the Facebook Wall.I will talk about popular Facebook driven movements,and why I keep a distance while still supporting them.I have noticed that the so called conscious coonmunity is... more

Tonight just a catch up on events and happenings in the Kala Nation.Also I will discuss my new novel and why it is important to read this book to get an understanding of the past.Tonight I will talk about a new platform. We will have... more

Tonight we will revisit the legacy of Nelson Mandela,a hero of mine who I have disagreed with politically.Today I will discuss the pathology of judgement of people who are not militant enough.There are people calling Mandela a sellout for not... more

Tonight in the Sunday night sermon we will take inventory of Black America's estranged relationship with the Democrats and Obama. While we know the real problems come from race.We will also talk about the high expectations people... more

Tonight the Kalagenesis wants to deliver a serious message and have fun also.Throughout History the Dragon Slayers were men who ran around the village,city or countryside offering their support in protecting the people from the... more
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