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This Health & Happiness Show with Kacey airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York. Great ideas from leading experts on how to live deeply. Hear Kacey weekdays on "Mike & Kacey in the Morning", 5:30 - 10 AM on 100.7FM and www.whud.com, The Health and Happiness Show airs Sunday at 6:30 AM on 100.7 FM and www.whud.com, and 8:30 AM Sunday on www.realcountryhv.com

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3 compelling guests this week; Jonathan Brunot is giving hope to people with autism with his strength and power in running marathons! Meet the Autism Superman - and hear his brother's 'never give up' message. Plus Motorcyle... more

The amount of money you have is based on a set point in your subconscious mind .Somewhere along the lined you learned or adopted a limit. Today, Meet Margaret Lynch. Learn how EFT - the emotional freedom technique - or... more

Hello! Imagine harnessing the energy of the universe to heal your body! Richard Gordon says that's exactly what Quantum Touch does every day. He claims to have moved bones with this modality. www.quantumtouch.com And,... more

Dr. Bradley Nelson wrote The Emotion Code, a book that explains how body issues can begin as negativity. If thoughts are energy, negative thoughts the size of a softball can be stuck in your energy system, says Nelson. And you... more

Spring! Let's spruce up...clean up...sing...and learn to be KIND to ourselves. My two featured guests speak our language: Health & Happiness!! Dominique Bertolucci has written the Kindness Pack. Learn to treat yourself like someone... more

Smart Change is the book that will teach you how to change your habits. Want to know why it's so hard to change? Beause your brain is wired NOT to! Now, you can finally give yourself a break....let yourself off the hook. It's not YOU. It's... more

Hello - and thanks for tuning in! Our next ladies lunch is Sunday March 22 in Cold Spring, NY. Register at www.kaceyontheradio.com Today, meet Virginia Giordano. She spends her life creating events that inspire women. The... more

Vani Hari is The Food Babe. Her mission is to rid our food of toxins and chemicals....and she has the whole world watching her. Sonia Satra is The Fit Babe. Her new DVD's - Moticise - combine exercise with motivation. It's like... more

She is our 16th president's biggest fan. Demitra Vassiliadis is a spiritual astrologer who sees Abraham Lincoln through the prism of the astrology finding him the perfect emodiment the age of Aquarius. Listen in and you may fall in love with... more

Walk. Meet Barbara Anderson. She takes some life changing walks. 500 to 660 mile walks. Does a vacation on the trail interest you? Listen in for a quick chat on how you can walk your way through Europe. Forgive. That's they key. If you're... more
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