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Hello! Thanks for listening. Therapist Marcy Kniffin is here to teach us a simple technique that can truly change your life. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - or Tapping. Try it today - and you can learn to tame your stress, anxiety,... more

First - A quick report on the new "hands free" CPR. Next - Are you alive and well? Doing what you love? This week bold and beautiful life coach Maia Macek helps us tune in to our hearts. Do you often find yourself with people you don't want... more

Therapist Marcy Kniffin joins us to talk about cleaning up our relationships. If you give too much...listen in. Our self worth must be found within, not from others. Marcy shows us the way. And - June is time to celebrate students! Meet the... more

High wire artist Philippe Petit can inspire you with his new book Creativity: the Perfect Crime. Listen in and you can become a co conspirator in your lifetime of artistic endeavors. World wide wine rock star Kevin Zraly talks about the best... more

Hello! This week Marcy Kniffin takes us into the world of reiki. What is it and what can it do for you? It's a world of energy that can get help you get unstuck! And, it's my next big life adventure. Melia Marzollo - the woman behind next... more

JM Debord - "Rad Owl" at Reddit.com - is the world's best dream interpreter. Listen in as he teaches us how to remember our dreams and learn what they are teaching us. Moms can be so busy they forget their own names. Amy Newmark... more

Kim Russo is the Happy Medium. She says all spirits on the other side want to talk to us. Listen in and learn how they speak! You can hear the relief the in the voice of a mother whose autistic son is matched with a Heeling Autism dog.... more

Hi, It's Kacey. This week, meet a musician and dad who is adding a new member to his family this week; a Heeling Austism Dog from Guiding Eyes. These dogs are free, and the organization is awe inspiriing. www.GuidingEyes.org... more

Thanks for tuning in. We have three great guests this week. Florida First Grader Dylan Siegel would do anything for his best friend, 8-year-old Jonah Pournazarian. That's So Chocolate Bar is the book Dylan has written and... more

A true renegade, Belinda Farrell invites you to swim with her and the dolphins in Hawaii to help you find your joy. If you can't make it there right now, listen in and learn ancient island ways to help you connect with the happiness that is waiting... more
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