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This Health & Happiness Show airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York. Hear Kacey weekdays on Mike & Kacey in the Morning, 5:30 - 10 AM on 100.7FM and www.whud.com, The Health and Happiness Show airs Sunday at 6:30 AM on 100.7 FM and www.whud.com, and 9:30 AM Friday on www.hudsonvalleytalkradio.net

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You can't really be friends with all your friends on facebook. AND Your memory is mostly fiction. David McCraney explains these and 46 other scienctific truths behind our human weaknesses in the entertaining book You Are Not So Smart.... more

Hollister Rand. She sees dead people. You could too. Happy Halloween. x Kc

Exhausted? Feeling AWFUL? Meet Ashley Koff – the dietician who can energize your entire life with a few good choices at the Supermarket. Think YOUR family is overextended? Think about our military families who have Mom or Dad... more

Three guests, three ways to let light into your life.REAL light and love. Laurie Martin, author of Smile Across Your Heart, teaches how to tune into the love you are made of. Dr. Robert Pennington turned getting shot in the chest into one of... more

Peter Walsh OWN's "Clutter Guy" has $10,000 and a trip to Vegas for your household cleaning tips. Unsaid; a novel from a New York Lawyer tells the tale of the healing bond between us and our pets. Thoughts are not facts. There... more

Dr. Michael Roizen, co author with Dr. Mehmet Oz of YOU!: Being Beautiful tells us what we can do to keep our brains healthy. Think Ping Pong! Dr. Maria Carrillo of the Alzheimer's association tells us the impact of Baby Boomers turning... more

Mark Nepo wrote The Book of Awakening, a day by day journal of personal inspiration, and one of Oprah's "favorite things". The healing parables in his new book, As Far as The Heart Can See, is crafted to be shared with friends...if you... more

David Mirassou knows a good business idea when he hears one. His family business, Mirassou Wine, has been around for more than 150 year. The Mirassou family has some grant money available for YOUR good business idea!... more

Beyond the Call is a trio of New York City Firefighters who responded to the attacks at the Twin Towers ten years ago. Their message is service to others and they are spreading that message through music, with the support of stars like... more

Comedian Jim Breuer talks SNL - Joe Pesci - Television and God...or The Force... or "coincidence".... or whatever you call it. Breuer's new book I'm Not High is like having a long talk with your best friend. He doesn't just want... more
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