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Bounty paper towels is bringing money to your local classrooms - and we can help. Find out how to win cash and a classroom make over www.Teacherswishlist.com is the place to start. * What grade would you give... more

Lynea Lattanzio lives with over 700 cats. Listen to her story and look for her on the Nat Geo Network. Eating a granola bar can help our National State parks...find out how. And Stephen Paletta- the winner of Oprah's Big Give... more

Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore love Dr. Alejandro Junger's 21 day detox program; CLEAN. The cardiologist's own illness lead him to find this healthy eating cure. www.cleanprogram.com And, Jason F Wright, the New York Times... more

Take a trip to Peru and... leave your anger behind. This week, Mark Adams takes us walking in the steps of Hiram Bingham 100 years after the "discovery" of Machu Picchu. (Note to self: must wear two pair of socks when hiking downhill)... more

Listen in for 25 minutes and we will solve your money troubles, get your college kid off the couch, train your dog and help you write the great American novel! The Money Couple can tell you what your "financial personality" is. (I'm a "flyer")... more

Go ahead. Smile. Now, smile across your heart. Feels good, right? Connecting to that smile is connecting to Unconditional Love. You may know the words...now you have the road map to experience it. Laurie Martin is the woman behind the... more

Nearly 60 years before Neale Donald Walsch had his Conversations wtih God, Napolean Hill interviewed the devil. As the devil "predicted", Hill would not publish the work right away...in fact, it is now released 40 years after Hill's death.... more

Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons met at Harvard University in 1997, where they began to collaborate on research. In 2004 they received the Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology, awarded for "achievements that first make people laugh, and then... more

The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival celebrates it's 25th season with a few surprises – right on the Hudson River. Train your dog in minutes without treats? It's possible! Meet Mark The Barkbuster! Plus, two dashing designers... more

This week, the experts do the hard work for us. They've researched what is takes to live long and be happy - and the results are surprising! Gretchin Rubin lived a year in search of creating happiness. Read how you can do the same in The... more
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