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This Health & Happiness Show with Kacey airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York. Great ideas from leading experts on how to live deeply. Hear Kacey weekdays on "Mike & Kacey in the Morning", 5:30 - 10 AM on 100.7FM and www.whud.com, The Health and Happiness Show airs Sunday at 6:30 AM on 100.7 FM and www.whud.com, and 8:30 AM Sunday on www.realcountryhv.com

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Meet Edith Namm. She's the Dr. Ruth of positive thinking! 86 years young and a 4 time cancer survivor, Edith is passionate about getting us to change our words. No, Never, Not can be replaced with Yes! Yes! Yes! Her postive attitude, she... more

Do you believe in Angel Power? Meet Elena Swan - an angel therapist and medium. She'll give you the four names to call on when you need a little help from above. Billie Jean King has been an advocating angel for women's rights and... more

Was your baby born under a lucky star? Babystrology, the new book from Judi Vitale, can help learn what to expect from your kids. Damian McGinty has lots of lucky stars! He's been plucked from the masses TWICE! He was chosen to be... more

Do you clean the house in the nude? Talk to your plants? Ever wear handcuffs? Read someone's e - mail? See how you stack up againts the rest of the country in the new game show Are You Normal, America? Meet Barry Poznick, the... more

She never wanted to sing in public. Reluctantly, she auditioned for American Idol, and was rejected, twice. But someone posted her songs on My Space...and the rest is her story. Colbie Caillat. Her sister and her dogs and her grade school... more

Former stockbroker Ian Knauer takes us to his family farm in Pennsylvania to feed his soul and find mushrooms that glow in the dark. Sugar Loaf, New York welcomes the artsy crowd this weekend. George Duran is going to spark up... more

Sonia Manzano has watched the world change from the stoop on Sesame Street for more than 40years...oh the stories she can tell! Steven Petrow is the new go to guy for modern manners. from gay and straight to face book and Twitter;... more

Today may be the day you start your own God Box. Mary Lou Quinlan shares a sweet story of a mother's faith and love. 30 Life Lessons, from oldest and wisest among us! This is the best advice you'll get today! Magic Johnson. Larry Bird.... more

Who among us is bathing suit-ready? Nutrionist Elizabeth DeRobertis has the information we need to release extra pounds. It's still about the calories! Plus...why you may find yourself at a lemonade stand this summer.

Christine Baker overslept on September 11, 2001 and missed her breakfast meeting at the Twin Towers. On the 10th anniversary of the attacks she found herself in the woods with her yellow Lab, Jessie. An idea was born. In a few... more
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