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This Health & Happiness Show airs on 100.7 WHUD in New York. Hear Kacey weekdays on Mike & Kacey in the Morning, 5:30 - 10 AM on 100.7FM and www.whud.com, The Health and Happiness Show airs Sunday at 6:30 AM on 100.7 FM and www.whud.com, and 9:30 AM Friday on www.hudsonvalleytalkradio.net

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Demitra Vassiliadis prepares us for the Autumnal Equinox with a talk about this season of Virgo. What are the gifts this time brings to each of us? Listen is, as this spiritual astrologer and advocate for Mother Earth reminds us of the... more

Dr. Eric Pearl says you can harness the energy to heal yourselves and the ones you love; simply and easily. The universe is encouraging us to open up to our full potential, says Dr. Pearl, who has spoken at the United Nations and around the... more

It's as simple as that. Twice grammy nominated David Young says he stumbled into a series of synchronicities that lead him to believe George Harrison is visiting him in meditations and even writing with him. The message, says David, is... more

Your brain lights up when it sees a picture of food - and your brain is hardwired to eat high fat foods! Dr. Susan Carnell - a recent guest on Nat Geo's Brain Games takes a quick peek at how your noodle works. And then...we leave your body... more

Budokon is a blend of Maritial Arts & Yoga - the perfect combination to empower young minds. Meet Jamie Harris and find out how he can help make your kid a super hero this week! Moana is a natural skin care line from New Zealand.... more

Dr. Dain Heer can show you a life of "aggressive presence"; being mindfully and totally aware that we are magical beings connected to Source. Being You; Changing the World is the book that will help you remember who you are. How... more

Emma Straub has written the book you need to take on vacation; The Vacationers. Meet the young mom and author who is following her in father's footsteps...sort of. Dr. Stephan Domenig, an Austrian, is bringing his Alkaline... more

Farm On! connects you with the food you eat the farmers who grow it. Tessa Edick has great advice for you, no matter where you are on the planet. Feel awful? I may be your thyroid. Marcy Kniffin looks into that in our Mind Body... more

Oprah often quotes Newton's Third Law of Motion. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction - or - what you put out in the universe comes back to you. Christine McKinley, mechanical engineer, says all the laws of the universe... more
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