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K9 Sports Konnection: Where sports have gone to the Dogs.

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On this week's episode of K9SK, we will be talking with Brianna Minshew of Rome, GA. She has 3 border collies, Knox and Roy are pure bred and Pistol is her little rescue puppy. Brianna has been competing in various dog sports... more
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This week on K9SK we will have our new special guest host: Coach Dan Schulof the CEO of Varsity Pets. He will be joining us once each month to add his own special knowledge and flair to the show. Our topic this week will be a new idea... more

This week on K9SK we will be talking with Bri Benton. She will be telling us her amazing story of how she used Canine CPR to save her puppys life. We will also be talking with Thom Somes of PetTech, one of the leading programs in the... more

This week on K9SK we will be covering various canine sports We are excited to announce our first anniversary show of the K9 Sports Konnection will be held January 21 at 8 PM Eastern standard Time. This show will be a exciting time... more

On our next episode of K9SK, we will be going back to the basics of Dogs Sports. We will be starting a running series that takes us through the very basics of all the various canine sports. We will be discussing with various guests: How to get... more

On the Jan 7th 2014 episode of K9SK will we be talking with one of the founders of X-Dog Magazine, Ron Davidson. Ron Davidson is a military veteran and the owner of The Canine Class dog training. He has been an obedience trainer for 7... more

On our show on Tuesday Dec 17th, Cathy Symons is a certified veterinary technician who has been practicing in Massachusetts since 1986 and was one of the first 36 individuals in the country to become certified as a Canine... more

On our show this week we have a new sponsor of the K9 Sports Konnection- In Clover Supplements. In Clover was founded in 1996 in Boulder, CO and they make veterinarian-recommended supplements for dogs, cats and horses. Their... more

We are continiuing our talks with owners of amziang pitbulls. Lisa and Jon DosPassos are the captain and trainer for Revolution Flyball, a team based out of Pennsylvania. Among the many lineups of dogs that run with Revolution Flyball,... more

We will be talking with Jen of Pitties in the City. Pitties in the City is a Non-Profit Inner-City Outreach Foundation. Our mission is education, promoting awareness and mentoring to help the inner-city dogs and residents of Atlanta. We focus... more

We will be reviewing the recent DockDogs World Championships we attended and having our listerns call in to give thier best moments for both them and thier dogs.
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