The Value of Lifesaving

K38 Maritime

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Shawn Alladio-K38 is a water rescue specialists and world wide authority for Rescue Water Craft or Personal Watercraft; and currently enjoy support with 10 International K38 affiliates. K38 enjoys support from Kawasaki Motors Corp.

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I get asked this question constantly, ‘how do I do what you are doing'? The answer is that I do not have the answer, that is for you to decide and it begins with a discovery phase and personal volition. I manage a company (K38) that... more

Big Wave Surfing - Water Safety The Best Practices Or Not? The words fit easily enough, but do they work? What is big wave water safety? It's broiled in the concepts from the EMS responder mindset, the atheltes involved, the sponsors... more

Facing Death While on the Job Every trained occupational responder has a different reality when responding to a situation where a patient is losing their life or has lost their life. IT is derived from faith, behavior, emotional integrity and... more

My youngest daughter Shaniah who is 9 years strong is going to talk about me (her mother). She has agreed to give her impression of my work from her perspective. This will be a fun short episode from daughter to mother. I'm looking... more

Team Training for the Never Quit Challenge Training up for 1,600 miles on Jetskis is not done overnight. We've been working on the NQC fastidiously since April. NEVER QUIT CHALLENGE Special Operations Combat Veterans will be... more

Connected Warrior Foundation The CWF is hosting on behalf of the Never Quit Challenge a fundraising stop for the Virginia Beach, VA leg of the 1,600 mile Jetski ride fielded by special operations combat warriors. This ride begins in... more

Triton Nutritions founder Dr. Robert Seik will walk us through the latest on your nutritional health needs. You can call in and ask Dr. Seik for personal advice and direction while the show is live.

Triton Nutrition's founder Dr. Robert Seik will explain the benefits of Vital Vegan Protein. Take your health seriously! With all the added chemicals and deficincies we are discovering with our food supplies and how this relates to our general... more

Phoenix Patriot Foundation founder Jared Ogden is up to discuss what PPF is doing in 2013. PPF have some amazing charity driven events that will support our nation's combat wounded to allow them to remain in service to our nation or to... more
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