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So, tragedy normally sparks reaction. These past few days the discussion about guns, gun control, violence and what should we "do about it" has sparked up yet again. This is of course only being discussed so heavily because of the mass murder of children in a Connecticut school by a LUNATIC (no not a "mentally ill" person, a FU**IN LUNATIC! So here we are all over the "gun issue" like it's something new. Well one place that gets an UNFAIR amount of blame as a contributor to it all is of course HIP HOP. The good old scapegoat HIP HOP will of course be demonized just as much as violent TV, GAMES and movies as the reason that LUNATIC undertook that evil murderous rampage at a school. Yeah, its HIP HOP's fault to, I mean have you heard some of the stuff those rappers say in their songs for heavens sake! I mean, yeah. we know there isn't a rapper that owns a gun factory, or holds guns shows, or makes prescription pills that cause crazy mood swings and violent behavior, but DID YOU HEAR WHAT THEY SAID!! WE MUST BLAME THEM TOO!! (note: that was sarcasm) So tonight I will play some music, maybe, but I want to TALK about what role do you think HIP HOP plays in actually being a CAUSE of violent crime. Got a few questions about GUNS I want to  ask also:

1) So first of all, should we get rid of ALL guns, SOME guns, or just have stricter rules for getting them?

2) Do you think Hip Hop music contributes to MASS MURDER?

3) Do you think "mental illness" is an excuse for carrying out MASS MURDER

4) How do you think the MEDIA COVERAGE on these incidents has been, do you think RACE plays a part in their coverage of gun violence?

Tune in...speak ya mind, and remember all you have to do is KEEP IT 100