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  Hip Hop, the mutant music genre that often changes  like the seasons of the year. You just never know what new fad, slang, liquor, production style, audience, fashion or artist will be hot year to year. There has been a trend bubbling the last few years that has been addressed elsewhere, but I guess it’s high time I tackle it. It’s the white rapper, and things are looking up for those guys more and more.
  Consider first that the white rapper IS NOTHING NEW. I know recent history tells us that EMINEM is by far the most POPULAR white rapper ever, but he had a few predecessors. To act like Search from 3rd Bass, Vanilla Ice, House of Pain and more never existed is a slap in the face of hip hop, period.  But there was always the tag in front of the name, we called them WHITE RAPPERS. Well, see that is because there were not that many, and that is where things are RAPIDLY changing. 
I have no problem with white rappers at all, as long as they are real to themselves. See, being a white rapper, there is a 90% chance you will be tagged as “WIGGER” instead of an MC that just happens to be white. It’s not fair but it’s reality, and that is what I tend to deal in. When you consider one of the nicest, if not THE nicest MC of the last decade was white, you can never say they CAN’T take over. It has already been done by one of them and he locked it down for a long stretch.
  Bottom line the white rappers are gaining ground in marketability, profit margins, fan base, and numbers. When you think about that fact that most of the people that were buying hip hop albums back in the days when people still BOUGHT hip hop albums were WHITE, none of this should be a shock. We discuss it all, tune in!