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Hip Hop, in some instances, can be a sort of musical barometer on what is going on in society. One new trend that I am seeing is openly gay individuals that are creating hip hop music. It used to be that if you were gay you never let on about it, and you damn sure didn’t rap about it in your lyrics. Being in the entertainment industry there is no escaping dealing with gay individuals in various roles.

 But I want to focus on the gay ARTIST this go round. When it comes to hip hop, being gay is still NOT COOL or generally accepted if you are a MALE artist. Don’t get me wrong, there are openly gay males doing hip hop, but they mostly only perform at gay events like pride marches or gay clubs. On the other hand, openly gay FEMALES artists, hell I see one of them at damn near every open mic I go to. It is a sign of the times I guess. People for the most part still haven’t accepted the openly gay MALE artist. But a female with braids, a ball cap, jeans and  timberlands can get on stage and say “I WILL TAKE YO B***H, ALL I NEED IS THREE LICKS” and well, no one feel uncomfortable most times. What does this say about the state of hip hop? Are you really going to applaud a male artist bragging about giving a guy a blow job and say “YO, SON BE SPITTIN THAT SHIT!!” Yeah…I highly doubt that is anywhere in the near future.

 See if an artist is GAY, even if they are not a hip hop artist, they generally keep their personal and sexual life out of the music. Well, that doesn’t work in hip hop, we want to know how many people you screw, how you do it, where you did it, and what you did to make them want to do it with you. As a heterosexual male I can’t imagine myself riding around listening to or buying music by a gay male artist while he brags about his gay lifestyle. And hip hop is all about bragging and your “swag” now.