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There are for the most part two things that make a song: THE MUSIC and THE WORDS TO THE MUSIC. Some will argue that BOTH of these elements need to be great in order to make a great song. What we know about us as HUMANS is that we communicated my SOUND long before we had a written language. MUSIC was first JUST THE BEAT before it became complete songs. I guess when you think about it, you can have a number one hit record with okay words and a great beat. Then again some profitable forms of music like jingles are ALL about the words. In the industry, producers and beat makers can command more for their skills and time then artist who write material (in MOST case...but not ALL the time). Of course you have very gifted writers like an R.Kelly who makes a LOT of money from his pen alone. There are a LOT of hip hop artist who arguably only have a career because of the great production they have  chose to attach their mediocre rods to. Sometimes, the beat  doesn't do the words justice. Which one is more important could be debated, because some people don't listen to artist that they feel have wack wordplay. I guess if you looked at the list of top songs over the years you would find more with a better beat then lyrics. When you consider Jazz and House/Dance music sometimes don't even have any words, I guess the beat is the master. But well, how many of those have been TOP SONGS over the last few years? Which one of these elements of a song do you find yourself saying over and over? Which one moves your soul the most and lets you really connect with an artist? I'll let you marinate on that , tune in to K-100 radio for more!