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First off, yes I know those two words don't start wit a damn K, i just like how it looked. Second, the title is deceiving, since I'm going to go the hell off on all you people who DON'T care. So now, in the past two weeks, hopefully you are keeping up enough with current events that you basically know what I am talking about when I say KONY 2012. BUT since I know a lot of you spend more time watching Real Housewives the real world news, I'll briefly fill you in. So basically this activist group called INVISIBLE CHILDREN mad a documentary a lil while ago about this pretty brutal African warlord in Uganda named Joseph Kony. They attempted to shed light on his murderous LRA, the name of his "army" that basically kidnaps lil kids, make em fight for his rebellion, murders entire villages, kills their parents and all kinds of other evil shit. So basically he is a bad guy. The documentary was mad by WHITE guys, the guys who started this movement to try and get the US government involved in helping the already corrupt Ugandan government track down and arrest and bring Joseph Kony to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity. You would THINK that everyone would be okay with group of people trying to bring this guy to justice. But then, you would be wrong. You see, there is a HUGE backlash against the INVISIBLE CHILDREN people. It seems that because they are selling T-shirts, wrist bands and more and getting a lot of attention thus donations for their cause, they have become the BAD guys. Yes, somehow NOW there is a campaign to STOP THEM from their efforts to bring this INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMINAL to justice.  So tonight I'm going to explain to the people why it seems even some Africans and black people have a PROBLEM with what those people are doing. But if you think I agree with that dumb ass dude on World Star video, I got something to say to you and his DUMB ASS.