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So, in the endless cycle of continually morphing terms of slang in our ebonic language, there has yet again emerged a new use of an old word. Once again we have taken a word from the English language and made it into what WE deem it to mean. It's a common word, one you learn in maybe 2nd grade: BOSS. Yes..the word BOSS has be jacked, chopped and screwed then filtered through the proverbial hip-hop cycle then mixed back into to mean all kinds of s**t. But thats what we do in our culture, we start using a word in some song, it catches on, then we start applying it to things and people that it should NEVER be attached to. We did it with HATE, we did it with PIMP, we did it with B***H and WHORE. This is just one of the latest examples. To put it short, BOSS is the new word used by many to describe themselves that they should never use to describe themselves. I hope you are following me people. What makes someone a BOSS in the REAL WORLD, well I guess that doesn't apply to the HIP-HOP world, or even the HOOD for that matter. Once again we have run ammuck with the over use and ridiculousness in using a new slang term. Now, everybody claims they are a BOSS..but the question is, WHAT THE HELL DOES BEING A BOSS ENTAIL? WHAT MAKES A PERSON A BOSS? Is it how much money they have, how popular they are who they know? Can you make yourself a BOSS, or is this like the mafia, where you have to be made a BOSS by someone who is already a BOSS (and who said THEY was a damn BOSS in the first place?) This is getting out of hand, so here at K-100 Radio we plan on setting some ground rules tonight. We will find out from the PEOPLE what they feel makes someone a BOSS.