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EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES!!  I've made some in my day but I heard WAY more than I have dished out. I recently posted this on my FB status: "when its a lie its an excuse, but when its the truth its the reason". Pretty good huh..hell I am a poet in my own rights!! Anyway sometimes when people give use the excuse/reason that they have for whatever the situation, it can sometimes be so outrageous that we can only sit and stare. You know that look, the "you really expect me to believe that BS" look. I know because I have given and received that look in my lifetime. Its one thing to have to explain your actions to someone when something doesn't go right. But its a another thing when you tell a tale so tall even GOD would need a ladder to get to the top of it. We see it all the time in the world from everyday people to politicians and celebrities. You know "Saddam has WMDS" or "I made up a fake nanny but I didn't kill my lil girl" type of stuff. Point is sometimes we ourselves have told a huge tale, maybe to get out of an ass whipping ass a child, to save a relationship, or maybe even stay out of jail. We all have heard at least one so crazy they should have started out with.."see what had happened was..." so we can prepare ourselves for the ensuing BS. Here are the questions: 1) WHAT IS THE WILDEST EXCUSE/REASON YOU EVER HEARD FOR AN ACT SOMEONE COMMITTED? 2) WHATS THE WILDEST EXCUSE YOU EVER HAD USED TO EXPLAIN A SITUATION TO SOMEONE (TRUTH OR LIE)  3) DO YOU PLAY ALONG WITH THE EXCUSE/REASON OR JUST SAY SHUT THE HELL UP? 4) WHATS THE MOST FREQUENT SITUATION YOU THINK PEOPLE NEED AN EXCUSE/REASON FOR?