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There are some things that I said I will never do, and I have never done. But like most people, when you are young and before the real world smacks you with that inevitable slap you got coming to ya, you often say what you will never do prematurely. That is because much of life experiences are not often pre scheduled or rehearsed. The very essence of "getting caught up in a jam" or something like that are events that make you either FORGET and deem null and void something that you may have sworn you would never do. It's simple really when you think about it: NO ONE CAN TELL THE FUTURE! With that being said, the statement NEVER SAY NEVER in its simplicity is a quote that most people have heard but totally ignore. But why do we always ignore the obvious? I have no clue but I try my best to never say never. But like most people, when it comes to something we feel really strong about we LOVE to say "i will NEVER do this or that", until we are put in a situation where doing exactly THIS or THAT is either in our best interest or the interest of someone we care about. People with kids will know they make you do a sh** load of things you thought you would NEVER do! Thats just a scratch on the surface of reasons. Questions 1) HAVE YOU EVER DID SOMETHING YOU SWORE YOU WOULD NEVER DO AND WHY DID YOU DO IT? 2) IS THE PHRASE "NEVER SAY NEVER" A SMART WAY OF THINKING, OR A WAY TO EXCUSE PEOPLES ACTIONS? 3) CAN YOU GIVE ME 5 THINGS YOU CAN HONESTLY SAY YOU "THINK" YOU  WILL NEVER DO? 4) WHAT IS SOMETHING YOU THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER DO SEXUALLY WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG YOU HAVE DONE SINCE YOU'VE GROWN UP?