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I have a few pet peaves, and one of them at the very top is BAD HYGENE. This is one thing I simply can't tolerate from a female. We just won't work together. I know some guys like to use the "I'm a man I don't need all that extra stuff" excuse for letting themselves go, and to them I say homie you full of sh**. But when I see or even worse SMELL a femals with bad hygene its probably the worse thing she could put on display. You can be a hoodrat with 5 baby daddies living in the projects with no ambition but good hygene and a clean house and have a better chance at locking me down then a woman that makes 6 figures with no kids and BAD hygene and a filthy crib. That's not being overdramatic either. Personal hygene or lack thereof is something that every grown up should have. Toothbrushes at the dollar store cost 99cent and the cheap toothpaste maybe $1.50. Soap is sheep and so is deoderant. Dish washing fluid, bleach, comet, washing powder...I MAY be at $20 bucks. NO EXCUSES...if you have bad hygene and a nasty house you are simply a LAZY MUTHFU***! and its just that simple. So here are the questions: 1) Have you ever had to deal with someone with bad hygene, and what do you think about them? 2) If a person has every quality you really like but they have bad hygene or a nasty crib could you kick it with them? 3) What do you consider over the top hygen for men or women? 4) Do you think that bad hygene or a nasty crib is indicitive of a lazy person? 5) Do you TELL someone they have bad hygen or a nasty crib to they face or just avoid them or their house?