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Maybe I should name this show "DRAMA FEST" but I decided to go with what I went with. Simply because sometimes there isnt any REAL drama per say, it's just a mixed bag of people and emotions. Love triangle can occur various different ways. Most often they are the results of scandlous behavior, but sometimes people just simply love more than one person at once. TRUST ME ON THAT LAST PART!! Yes I have been involved in a LOVE TRIANGLE or two in my day, and I know plenty of people who have been and are still in them. Some know they are in them, and some have NO CLUE whatsoever. You see unless you dropped out in 2nd grade then you know a triangle has three side: ergo the name..three (or more) people who are involved with each other. Could be they all know each other in some way. Like maybe a person leaves someone, gets with someone else, only to really still have feelings for the one the supposidly left...so now they screwing the new person and the ex. This I think is the most common form of love triangle. But there are others: like the friend screwing their friends mate, or the friend wanting to get with the same person a friend is already screwing, only they dont know about it. The thing about triangles is, they are not circles, they have a turn in them, a bend, they dont go round and round for ever! Its also MASHAMUTHAFU**A MONDAY your day to vent on K-100. Here are the questions: 1) HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN A LOVE TRIANGLE, IF SO WHAT HAPPENED? 2) DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE ELSE THAT WAS IN ONE YOU CAN TALK ABOUT, WHAT WAS THE MOST SCANDELOUS TRIANGLE YOU EVER SAW? 3) DO YOU THINK YOU CAN LOVE MORE THAN ONE PERSON AT ONCE?