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So I was out in the rat race in this ridiculous spending season walking through the mall, when I thought I was seeing things. I squinted my eyes and low and behold I saw this dude with a HIGH TOP FADE. Yeah you know the old Kid n Play cut. I laughed it off then 10 mins later I saw another dude with a GUMBY cut. Some things are better left in the past it's just that simple. It got me to thinking though, there was a lot of fads that I WOULD like to see come back though. Remember the African medallion fad? What about herringbone necklaces. It was BLING before BLING meant you needed a couple of stacks to be BLINGING. Speaking of BLING, I wouldn't be opposed to the five finger rings popping back up either. What about when Starter jackets was hot, and you could match em up with the hats! I could maybe deal with those coming back. But some things like women wearing finger waves, men wearing tight ass jeans, matter of fact pretty much any clothing item from the 80's like the spandex craze should NEVER RETURN! Yet and still, right as I'm typing this, somewhere there is someone that is making an attempt to be "fashionable" and infuse these old trends back into today's magazine layouts. I hope they fail! So here goes: WHAT IS AN OLD SCHOOL TREND OR FAD THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE COME BACK? WHAT FAD DID YOU LOVE BACK THEN, BUT IN HINDSIGHT YOU REALLY CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THE HELL YOU WAS THINKING? WHAT TREND OR FAD WOULD YOU NEVER EVER WANT TO COME BACK? ARE YOU A TRENDSETTER, MEANING HAVE YOU EVER BEEN THE FIRST TO BREAK A NEW FAD IN YOUR HOOD? WHAT ERA HAD THE BEST TRENDS AND FADS TO YOU? ARE YOU CURRENTLY TRYING TO BRING BACK AN OLD FAD OR TREND YOURSELF? FROM HAIR, JEWELRY, CLOTHES, CARS, DANCING AND MORE WE WILL SEE WHAT FADS 2010 BROUGHT ABOUT AND WHICH ONES TRIED TO MAKE A COMEBACK! OH, YOU CAN GET YA MASHES IN TONIGHT! LATA!