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STALKERS! Yes that's right, they are EVERYWHERE and sometimes people don't even realize they STALKING somebody! Being stalked can be a scary situation because sometimes things can REALLY get out of hand! It can be innocent when it's just a person trying hard to get with someone and really calling them a lot and what not, but that is not what this show is about. This is about the time that person stayed outside your house all night. The time they called you from your driveway at 3 am. The time you had 30 missed calls and 30 voice mail messages. The time they showed up at your job and made a scene. The time they called someone else you was kicking it with playing on the phone or threatening them. The time they tried to add some of your social network friends as theirs to spy on you. The time they showed up when you was on a date with someone else and things got physical. The time you had to file that damn restraining order. The time they just wouldn't take no for an answer and said they would KILL you if you left them. Real true to life STALKERS, and if you have had any of these done to you or you did them yourself, then this show is for you the stalker or victim of a stalker. So here goes: Have you ever been stalked or been a stalker yourself? If so why do you think the person did it, or why did you do it? Have you ever filed or had a restraining order filed on you? Do you now anyone personally that has been stalked or been a stalker? What kind of acts to you feel makes someone fit the stalker category? How would you handle a stalker? Have you ever wanted to stalk someone but just didn't do it? Do you think it's stalking when someone is just trying to see if your are cheating? Can you think of a circumstance where stalking could be justified? Call in! No trespassing tonight STALKERS!