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You know what I cant stand? Well if you read the topic of today's show then you already know the answer! It really annoys me when I hear or see an ungrateful person. This week is THANKSGIVING and you would think some people I know live in a refugee camp in the middle east! My life at this moment is DEFINITELY not gravy, BUT I know for a FACT (because I have a TV and CABLE) that life could be A LOT WORSE! To celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I'm going to set it off and make sure some of you, just in case you forgot, are reminded that even if you live in the hood and ride the bus you more than likely have SOMETHING to be thankful for. The whole point of this holiday is to NOT think of all the DRAMA and BS that you have going on in life, in fact it's to do the EXACT OPPOSITE! When the Pilgrims came to this country and almost died until the natives helped they ass out, they started this lil tradition to show thanks for the help. Of course in hind sight they should have let em starve and killed them, but hey who's keeping up with that right? Anyway the point of the show is to pay homage for all the things we take for granite and give thanks for the good things in life. Oh, what you don't have a job and you live with ya moms and her new husband with your two kids? Well, do you have CANCER?! Well then be thankful for ya damn health! You see where I'm going with this now!? So okay here goes: WHAT ARE YOU MOST THANKFUL FOR THIS HOLIDAY SEASON? WHAT WAS THE LAST REALLY GOOD THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU? WHY DO YOU THINK WE AS AMERICANS SEEM SO UNGRATEFUL AS OPPOSED TO MOST OTHER COUNTRIES AND CULTURES? CAN A PERSONS ENVIRONMENT MAKE THEM BE UNGRATEFUL BECAUSE THEY ARE SURROUNDED BY NEGATIVITY? DO YOU KNOW ANY UNGRATEFUL MUTHAFU**AS, AND IF SO WHY DO YOU SAY THAT THEY ARE UNGRATEFUL? SIDE QUESTIONS: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THANKSGIVING FOOD, THE ONE YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE ON TURKEY DAY? IT'S ALSO MASHAMITHAF***A MONDAYS, YOUR CHANCE TO VENT ABOUT WHATEVER ON K-100!