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There are so many shades of color when it comes to our people. But these beautiful colors can have some not so pretty stereotypes attached. You know back in the day the light/dark issue was rooted in slavery. The dark skinned slaves were field workers and the light skinned ones where house workers. Throughout the history of this country there has been an internal struggle amongst people of color that is almost as bad as the way some white people treated us. You ever heard someone say "you black ass such and such" to a dark skinned person? Um...you are black too right? Ever hear someone say "she/he think she all that cause they light skinned"? Crazy but it still happens. So what are some sterotypes that you feel are attached to the different shades? Do you trust a fair skinned black person more than a dark skinned one? Which one do you find more attractive? Do you prefer a certain shade over the others, and if so, WHY!? Is one shade completely out of the question as far as romance is concerned, and if so WHY!? Is one better in bed than the other or is that just stupid? You would be surprised what some people will say bout that! Do you think there is an ongoing "issue" between light and dark skinned black people that just kinda goes unmentioned? Well I do and I can prove it exist. Do you ever feel mistreated because you are a certain complexion? What about growing up as a kid? Did the black kids with nappy hair get treated different from the light skinned kid with straight hair? There was a study done with some kids and they were asked to identify the "pretty" and "smart" kids by picture. And overwhelmingly the fair skinned children won. Sad but true, because the kids asked to do the study were black! So we will ask the callers about this color war with in our own race. PS...I'm Brown so I guess I'm neutral! LOL! IJs!