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Even better, am I..or do you think I am? The Macquarie Dictionary defines racism as: "the belief that human races have distinctive characteristics which determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule or dominate others." So now the question is are you a racist? You see this term has evolved into more than skin color. It has crossed over into socio-economic related bias also. For example; if you are white, but believe that you are not the same as "white trash" then to ME you are still a racist. The same if you are black living in the burbs, but you think "niggas in the hood" are beneath you. And yes to you hispanics that think you are not the same as a "wet back fresh from the border" you are no better. But sometimes generalizing can be mistaken for racism. To say that black people that live in the projects mostly are living on welfare pimping the system and tend to be lazy, have babies out of wedlock and are prone to commit crime is really not racist. It's a mere fact when you look at the data. If you use the word "cracka" or "nigger" does that make you automatically a racist? If you are white and are suspicious of a group of black males walking toward you on a street corner is that racist? If you think illegal immigrants should be forced to leave America are you one? What about being suspicious of an ARAB boarding the same plane as you? The country is a "melting pot", but the "ING" at the end word "melting" means we are not fully cooked and blended all the way. So let's see where the hearts and minds of the callers are on K-100.