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Paranormal and Demonology0

Paranormal and Demonology


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Demonologist Jerry Williams will cover Demonology and the Paranormal. He has worked with GAC,Paranormal State and many teams around the US. Demonologist Jerry Williams: has been a Demonologist since 2007 a Graduate of NLMC/MU for Demonology and Exorcisms-Deliverance. Jerry has worked on more than 65 Cases of real Demonic attacks and Haunts. These shows are for those who want to know the truth about the Demonic and what most churches hide behind close doors will come unlocked. Parental discression adviced.

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Paranormal Topic: Demons what are they and what are some reasons why the cross is upside down means Demon. We have more on this tonight. Demonologist Jerry Williams welcomes you to this interesting program that is an educational... more

Demonologist. Jerry Williams welcomes you as we explore Demonic possession and mental illness.

Demonologist Jerry Williams welcomes you to the show. I will cover the topic" Demonic Posession and Different Cultures. What do many different cultures around the world feel when it comes to Demonic Posession. I will cover all the... more

Demonologist Jerry Williams will cover the world of the Demonic. Animal Demons? What types of Animal Demons are out there. We will cover the Myths,Legends,Folklure and The Truths. Demonologist Jerry Williams has... more

The case of Zimmerman and Treyvon has come to a complete end. Now there is conspiracies surounding the death of Treyvon and how it now could lead to a Civil war. Listen live for conspiracy radio a Special addittion. Jerry Williams

Demonologist Jerry Williams will cover The Paranormal. The Do's and Don'ts of the Paranormal field. He will look at the investigation techniques that are good and Bad . Jerry will also look at how you can have an effective... more

Demonologist Jerry Williams covers the Incubus-Sucubus attacks. What are these attacks and how do they happen. Tonight you will hear of some cases involving the Demon the Incubus-Sucubus. The world of the Demonic is real.... more

Demonologist Jerry Williams live talks about investigating and dangers,