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The Solution:

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The Zionist 1 World Order Elite

The Zionist 1 World Order Elite


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We began this program through Blog Talk’s initial offer of a free month so I could make use of the 2 hour allotted time slot. The free version only allows for 30 minutes per day, and that simply isn’t enough time to get enough information out.

My Wife & I are on a fixed income and we simply do not have $50.00 per month to continue the premium membership with Blog Talk.

If anyone is interested in helping us continue this program, please email me @ myinnereye@live.com or you can make a monthly pledge to our Pay Pal Account @ Eschatology101@live.com

This last episode “The Solution” will follow in much of the same footsteps of the overall program: I am an American, and America is my first priority, but the problems we face with this Illuminati Zionist 1 World Order Elite is far from being only an American issue or problem. This solution I will be putting forth will be no less controversial than anything else I put forth in regards to Eschatology, Preterism, or this Global Zionism entity and their agenda.

I have an extremely important and urgent message for the Americans that care that our Country has been taken over by this 1 World Order Cabal, and for people all over the world who live under this same threat.

We have got to stop letting them divide us: this entity survives, thrives, feeds, and succeeds on our continuing their racial divide, religious animosity, and other class warfare techniques that typify their motto; which is to “Divide and Conquer” because this is how they win, and we lose.

This isn’t about light and transient causes, but is every bit about our very survival, and continued existence. Do it for your children, and their grandchildren, and for the hope of a better and brighter tomorrow.

We love you all: God Bless, keep, and provide for you all.

The Call in phone # is (718) 766-4378

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