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The Problem: Sovereignty and Financial Slavery

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The Zionist 1 World Order Elite

The Zionist 1 World Order Elite


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Where it all began to go wrong!

It was in and with The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) that all succesive generations of Americans (and much of the world) has been led to believe the 13 colonies secured their independence from Great Britain, and King George II.

The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776 between June 11 to June 28, by Thomas Jefferson. Although Americans celebreat this (believed) independence on the 4th of July each year, the Congress at that time actually voted on July 2nd to decalre independence.

America was actually a free, independent, and sovereign country, for 532 days. July 2nd, 1776 to December 15th, 1777, and this freedom, independence, and sovereignty was 1st signed away in Virginia, on December 16th, 1777.

America today, is neither free, independent, or sovereign.

What happened?

The Treaty of Paris in 1783 is usually pointed to, but this is largely misleading. Through the Articles of Confederation (beginning with the December 16th ratifying of the Virginia State Congress) each of the remaining colonies adopted these Articles, which contained a stipulation that the said colonies were still obligated to the debts incurred (including those owed to foreign entities/powers) and this included monies owed to Great Britain, King George II, and/or The Crown.

Join us as we explore our Charter Documents; what went wrong, when, where, how, and why.

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