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Who are the Elite?

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The Zionist 1 World Order Elite

The Zionist 1 World Order Elite


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They are higher than President, Prince, Prime Minister, and King; these are they which largely control these heads of State we've all been fooled into believing are our leaders.

This Illuminati Zionist 1 World Order Elite is made up of the richest, most well connected power brokers on the planet. The millionaire and even the billionaire merely comprise the agents of influence, or otherwise known as the handlers and controllers.

The Capstone of this Pyramid of power is comprised of the worlds most wealthy individuals, and the corporations/governments/institutions they use to perfect their plan of worldwide totalitarian control.

This is no longer about acquiring more wealth, but absolute control. Those within this Capstone already have more money than their grand-children's grandchildren will ever be able to spend; yes, they are already this wealthy.

The next step up from a billionaire is a trillionaire, and many exist on this planet. This cabal of trilionaires could feed, house, clothe, and provide healthcare for every person on the planet. The Rothschild and Rockefeller families are well known key members of this elitist club, but many others exist.

The primary power brokers do not operate openly, but in secret; they meet very rarely, and such meetings are never announced to the media. Secrecy is their greatest tool, as  the mere releasing of their individual identities would immediately mark them for certain assassination.

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