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The Zionist 1 World Order Elite

The Illuminati 1 World Order Elite


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We are not in the Last Days! We are exposing this 1 World Order planned Holocaust. The rise of the quiet giant is here. We are the Reformation, and cure.

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We began this program through Blog Talk's initial offer of a free month so I could make use of the 2 hour allotted time slot. The free version only allows for 30 minutes per day, and that simply isn't enough time to get enough information... more

Where it all began to go wrong! It was in and with The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783) that all succesive generations of Americans (and much of the world) has been led to believe the 13 colonies secured their independence... more

They are higher than President, Prince, Prime Minister, and King; these are they which largely control these heads of State we've all been fooled into believing are our leaders. This Illuminati Zionist 1 World Order Elite is made up of the... more

A rather poignant and "in your face" method of getting this point across, one only need look up "The Georgia Guidestones" which are in Elbert County, Georgia. This structure consists of 4 marble upright slabs, which contain what could be... more

The term "False Flag" originates from the Military concept of flying "false colors" or a flying the flag of another country, rather than their own. This idea goes back to the days of wooden ships, whereby an attacking ship would fly the flag... more

The United States originated as a Republic, but is largely spoken of as a Democracy. It has 3 branches within its organizational structure/system; The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, and these 3 are supposed to be cooperating... more

Last Days, End Times, Bible Prophecy, Chemtrails, FEMA - Debtor - Labor - Prison - Internment - Concentration - Death Camps, GMO Foods, HAARP, Holocaust, Project Bluebeam, False Flags, Civil War, The planned Rapture,... more