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As life evolves to the next level we must also elvolve. Let's explore life together and become a self-aware conduit for these dynamic energies! Just Saying...

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During these intense times here on our planet, we are seeing more stress upon our physical bodies. It is vital for us to understand why it is important to maintain a strong body and how to go about doing so now in 2012. Join us as we... more

Perspective is a cognitive process by which we choose to create and see our reality. Each person has their own perspective giving way for 70 billion plus ways of seeing and responding to the Universe. A person's life can be changed... more

The act of acceptance releases all guilt, shame, anger, and frustration from your energetic field. It allows for higher energy frequencies to enter and raise your overall harmonic state. With Pure Acceptance you learn how to humble yourself... more

No words can express the true definition of a mother. She is the gateway to this world and the teacher of life. Her love surpasses all and her wisdom is unmeasurable. This evening we will give tribute to all mothers - all women who... more

The energy of the cosmos flows through you and energizes every part of your being. This evening we wil be discussing the powers which you hold within you, how they are depleted and what you can do to support your energy as the GOD... more

There are many layers of our being. We are more aware of our physical self, however, in order to transcend time and space we must become more aware of our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is the encompassment of all there is and... more

What is the meaning of good or bad? We live our lives based on whether an experience is good or bad to us. We try to stay away from bad feelings or bad experiences and choose to only experience that which is good. However, we... more

We will be exploring the realm of universal laws which exist in the cosmos. Regardless if we choose to consciously be aware of these laws or not, they are real and they can be used to your benefit. It's time to stop being ping-ponged... more

Thoughts create your reality. There is a screening process that our thoughts go through before we see it in our physical world. Majority of the time our physical world reflects events which seem to contradict what we want. What filters... more

Our emotions play a significant part of who we are. Many of us are stuck in the past while being in the present. Old hurts will cause a distortion in how we view our "self" and the world. Join us as we discuss why it's important to... more
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