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The ultimate objective of this program is to promote and establish an evolved paradigm constructive codification amongst people classified as Black (VOR).

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Do African Americans Have a future in the Marijuana industry?
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Where will all the Black people go? Is your city shifting? What does it do to the mind of an individual or pysche of a collective (group) when they can not be stable? Is Clearing out the hood a good thing? What say you??? Whats going on... more

It has been time! I will share my concept of Institutionalized Generation: The current state of Black Folks and what to do about it. Are Black People Innovative? What does Black Self-serious look like? Where will we be once "Our" Black... more

Area 9 of the 9 Areas of People activity War! Will this be the only option to have Justice Produced? Are Black People Cowards? If it came to it what would you Do? "White supremacy conquered the world because it was the culture MOST... more

http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/26/donald-sterling-clippers-owner-black-people-racist-audio-magic-johnson/ #ChirpChip Tragic Arrangements!

Area 8...Everyone's favorite subject! Sex...Sex...SEX....You know you have some thoughts on it! Call-in! Discussion Topics: How Sex and Trauma are related Lupita Nyong'o named People Magazine's Sexist Women of 2014 (of course) The Two... more

What is Religion? A strong belief back up by action. Who is #SkyDaddy? The Religion of White Supremacy - White People Clowning hard this week. White Genocide??? The Religion of Justice - What does that look like?

Engaging in Dialogue on Politics AKA Pol-Tricks! What is the Purpose of a Politican? "Masters of Meaningless Debate" Two wings of the same bird Local Politics vs. National Politics Judment: The Content of White Peoples Character... more

Universal Jones Provides some updates on the program for a few quick minutes. Forum: http://www.counter-racism.com/cgi-bin/work-study/index.php

Judge Joe Brown Incident Policies and Percentages NFL Banning of "N-Word" Top 3 Laws that are kicking Black Folks Butts Child Support Domestics - Terroristic Threats Drug Possession Universal Jones Concept:The Enforcement... more

White Welfare - http://www.bringmethenews.com/2014/03/21/minnesota-couple-living-luxurious-lifestyle-charged-with-welfare-fraud/ Does Classism mean anything if you are classified as Black?... more