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With Samuel Clark, a whistleblower police supervisor, and Andrew Selby, a whistleblower fire captain, expose the secrets of the police department, fire department, and corrections department.

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According to A-Just Cause, an organization dedicated to stopping wrongful convictions, the mostly Black executives of IRP Solutions are allegedly victims of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. A–Just Cause, and other published... more

Communities United Against Police Brutality of Minneapolis is presently engaged in a proactive solution to stop police brutality. Minneapolis, similar to many municipalities around the country, is self insured for police brutality and... more

With the rapid expansion of the private prison industrial system, more human beings (inmates) are needed to increase the profit margin of the prison corporations. Legislation such as ?Three Strikes Your In,? police procedures like... more

The Beloved Community Center has a ?Democratic Mission? to help transition the Greensboro Police Department from double standards and corruption to accountability and Professionalism. With a spirit of inclusion and openness, the... more

The Beloved Community Center requests an independent investigation of the Greensboro North Carolina Police Department. After receiving numerous complains of Greensboro Police misconduct, from citizens and police officers,... more

100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care have submitted to the United States Department of Justice a ?Formal demand for investigation of former LAPD Police Officer Christopher Dorner's employment termination and premeditated murder... more

According to published reports former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner is suspected of killing at least three people, one a police officer. News agencies have reported his online posts accuses officers and police officials of... more

Are acts of police misconduct in the United States increasing? Are rogue police officers being held accountable for their acts of misconduct? Who pays the price when criminal cops are not purged from the police department? Has any police... more

The Justice For All Show has been notified that at least two citizens have filed complaints alleging that at least one Greensboro Police Officer assaulted and or used excessive force on an 87-year-old woman. We have notified... more

According to published reports, thirteen officers of the Cleveland Police Department fired 137 bullets into a car and killed two unarmed suspects. Timothy Russell and Malisa Williams were occupants of a car that was driven by Mr.... more