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Just Weight

Just Weight


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Just Weight is a support Show that will help you learn the healthy foods and network with others to build a support group in your time of need to lose those unwanted pounds.

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What does breathing have to do with weight-loss? Other than we have to breath to live are there benefits or aides in it? Simply inhaling and exhaling can burn fat, reduce stress, and more--if you do it right. Join us as we discuss this and the... more

The American Heart Association recommends a diet that is low in saturated fats and trans fats, the types of fat that can raise blood cholesterol. Since cholesterol and saturated fats come primarily from animal foods, one way to adjust your... more

Always living by the rules can be so boring, especially if you know there has to be somethings that can be different. But what if you could change a lot more than just shedding pounds? Researchers have stumbled upon a supercool truth:... more

Here's a secret: slaving away inside your body—right this minute—is your very own personal trainer working tirelessly to help you burn calories and shed fat. What is it? Well, it is something that is the KEY to dropping those pounds and we... more

Diet Fads come and go, from the Apple Cider Vinegar to a Magical pill to drop those unwanted pounds. Is this a NEW weightloss fad, slimming with water? Join Robyn and EW as they discuss this new and old technique and find out... more

Are you constantly losing weight--only to gain it back again? You might be starting to wonder if you'd be better off just accepting your belly rolls. But we promise, the perils of being overweight still outweigh the risks of yo-yoing. So how do you quit... more

In any attempts to succeed at anything you have to take baby steps. What does this mean and how can you apply that to losing weight in a day to day life? And what about if you go with friends to a Buffet? How can you survive the... more

Just Weight is here to help you understand foods, exercises, and things to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Your hosts, Robyn and EW both are in the process of losing weight, so you can join them on the journey. Together you will... more