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Do you like your body? If you could what would you change? Do you hide your body or ashamed of it? What is being overweight and what does it mean to you? What are some of yor body flaws? What is Sexy for a man or woman? ESPN... more

Some generations were more social. They did not have all of the gadgets that are out now. My generation had the land line phone Atari, record, concerts,bikes, get togethers and the malls were available for us to hang out. We walked, talked,... more

I was talking with a young man who was African American and he asked how come White Americans party they use all types of drugs No Law Enforcement involed? When a group of African Americans party no drugs involed Law... more

A question has come up about dating and relationships. "Has society changed the roles to how people act in relationships? How come men do not want to work? They depend on the woman to make the money while the guy stays home and... more

Homophobia! How do you feel about same sex marriage? What is a fag? Why do people say hateful things? Is it ok for a man to give his opinion on another man if he has dated his sister or friend? EXCLUSIVE I WILL PLAY A VOICE MAIL, I... more

After Watching Bet's BMJ The Married man(Dre) fell in love with Mary Jane. Mary Jane has a relationship with this man and she did not know that he was married! The wife confronts her and ask questions about her and her... more

One Sided Friends. One Sided Jobs. One Sided Family. Are you the one they call on for advise or host the family hoildays or your boss takes advantage of you? Email your response to Justtalkaboutit2012@gmail.com I can read... more

Have you looked in the Mirror Lately? Do you like what you see? We are coming on this year end. Have you helped any one else beside yourself? Do you only contribuite to others only during the Hoilday Season? Do you care about those... more

People are becoming rude! Arguments or fights over places in line. Road rage! Store clerks treating customers like they are stupid! You ask a simple question and get the run around? Have you experienced this? I think it is time to... more

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