Dr Rita Louise

The Intuitive Experience

 By:  Dr. Rita Louise


The feel and nature of an intuitive experience confuses many people.  There is a generalized belief, for example, that when someone is communicating with their guides they will hear a loud, booming voice which shares with him or her all of the secrets of life.  It is often assumed that this spiritual entity talks directly to the individual.  Their communications are thought to come from an external source which is heard by our physical ears in the same way we engage in a conversation with a friend.  Likewise, it is also believed that when someone has a clairvoyant experience, such as seeing a ghost in a room, the otherworldly presence is observed with our physical eyes.

When talking about intuition and the gifts of intuition, this is not the case.  Intuition is a felt or perceived sense we have within ourselves.  It is something we experience on bodily levels or by altering our focus and point of view.  It is not something that necessarily comes from the outside, but can be better likened to a shift, a change in our very being.  It can manifest as a thought, an inspiration, internal communication or an inner vision. 

As human beings we are designed to send, receive and assimilate (process) information from the world around us.  As senders, we broadcast (send) our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions out into the either's.  Likewise, these broadcasts can be picked up (received) by anyone who chooses to tune into them.  The same hold true for everything in the universe.  Everything in our universe exhibits a level of vibration that can be tuned into.  And if you know or recognize what the vibration feels like or looks like, you can being to interpret (process) the information that is received.  That is the intuitive experience.

Vibrational energy that is transmitted out into the universe is very subtle in nature.  It is so subtle we are we are often unable to detect it.  The truth of the matter is, however, it is not that we are unable to detect it.  We are always surrounded by it.  Unfortunately, we have not been taught to recognize it, decipher it and utilize it in our lives.  When we do perceive it, we often ignore it, invalidate it, assume it is our imagination or minimize its implications.  All of these reactions to the reception of subtle energy do not support our ability to live as intuitive beings.

Are you one of the many people who long to tap into their intuitive abilities?.  What many people don't realize is that everything we need to tap into this wisdom we already have.  It is not a matter of "opening" ourselves up or expanding our chakras, although that does support our efforts.  Instead, it is about paying attention to what you already have.  By understanding what to pay attention to - the subtle shifts in your perceptions, the passing thought, the stray insight, you are well on your way to tapping into your intuition on a regular basis.  These intuitive calisthenics will help to open you up and expand your chakras.

You may be saying to yourself "I'm not intuitive".  As you read the following example, you might find that this intuitive encounter, or something similar, has happened to you.  Imagine, it is a bright sunny day.  You are driving down the road and for some unexplained reason, you get a weird feeling, the feeling of someone watching you.  You happen to glance out the window to your left.  In the car next to you riding in the back seat is a child of five or six looking your way.  As you make eye contact, she smiles and waves.   

This is a straightforward illustration of us receiving, reacting and responding to the subtle energy we just encountered.  Confused?  Understanding what just happened and why it actually is an intuitive experience is simple, if you know the dynamics of subtle energy.  The little girl was sending subtle energy to you.  She was broadcasting her energy out into the universe and was directing it at you.  You, in turn, experienced her broadcast as a change to your internal systems.  You felt weird and uncomfortable.  In response to the discomfort you sensed, you, without thinking, looked up and over to the source of your discomfort, the smiling and now waving girl. 

This is just one example of your intuition at work.  Now take a moment to think about the bizarre situations in which you knew something you shouldn't have.  The strange synchronicities that you have encountered in your life.  What you will discover is that you have had countless experiences when you had a thought or a feeling about something that turned out to be true.  

Here's another instance of intuition at work in our lives.  Let's say it is first thing in the morning and you are getting ready for work.  As you prepare to walk out the door a thought flashes through your mind.  "Maybe I should take a sweater.".  Instead of acting on this perception, this piece of insight the universe provided you, you let your cognitive mind take over.  You look outside and see that it is a bright sunny day.  "What do I need a sweater for on such a glorious day?"  Based upon this mental input, you decide to leave the sweater at home.  Later that day, unexpectedly, you find yourself called into a meeting.  The room in which the meeting is being held is ice cold.  As you shiver, you wish you had listened to yourself and brought the sweater you thought about that morning. 

Could you see your intuition working in this situation?  If not, this is what happened...  Hours before the meeting you had an intuitive insight presented to you.  You were guided to take a sweater with you to work that day.  Granted you didn't listen to yourself, but instead of beating yourself up, use it and other situation like it, as an opportunity to validate and acknowledge the experience in the first place.  

Using intuition is about paying attention to these types of synchronicities in our lives.  They are not synchronicities but the universe providing us with guidance.  Once you start acknowledging these events, once you own the fact that you are having an intuitive experience and not just having some weird synchronistic event happening in your life it is only a matter of time before you start grabbing the sweater.  Then you will never find yourself shivering in a cold meeting room wishing you had listened to yourself  With practice, you will begin to trust what you receive and be able to become more proactive about the direction your life takes. 

If you really want to tap into your intuition, stop waiting for a booming voice to tell you what to do.  Stop hoping for the clouds to part and the answers to all your problems to somehow magically appear right before your eyes.  It will never happen.  The answers you are looking for are not outside yourself and never were.  To access your intuition, turn your attention inside.  Own your intuition.  Instead of saying "that was weird", say "wow, I just had an intuitive experience".  This will make your intuition grow and your trust in your inner knowledge flourish.  You will be amazed at how fast it can grow. 

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About The Author:
Dr. Rita Louise, Ph D is a Naturopathic Physician, Medical Intuitive & founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics and the host of Just Energy Radio. Let Dr. Rita assist you bringing health, healing and wholeness back into your life. Visit http://www.soulhealer.com/ or listen live online to Dr. Rita on http://www.JustEnergyRadio.com/.

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